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The Sandy Ravage Blues... Nerf Akimbo already

i know this has been said a billion times, but really? i go on this awesome streak and get cockblocked by akimbo fmg9s... why does infinity ward go through all the trouble to nerf dead silence/ sitrep/ specialist, a bunch of other stuff that doesnt need nerfing, and they dont even bother touching these anymore.


come on, no skill weapons just need to be taken out in general (noobtubes, akimbo machine pistols, rpgs etc)

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    That looks like the luckiest player EVER. He clearly has a bad enough connection that the lag compensation system works in his favor (must be nice). He wasnt even accurate for most of the kills ( I watched him shoot the air behind at least 3 guys and still get the kill). The rest of his opponents just stood there without reaction (they were lagging) and got killed with 2 or 3 rounds.  And then he cries about getting killed by some other douche with FMG's and a DSL connection. hahahahaha

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    Well, from what it looks like, you're mad because you were caught off guard and he happened to be using one of the most hated on guns in the game.


    Cry harder. It would have been legit with any gun.

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    They nerfed specialist?

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    LOL, he snuck up on you and got you with the akimbos and you're upset?? I don't see it man, sorry but it was a legit kill and not like he beat you in a 50/50 gun fight from distance where you drew down on him first and emptied the magazine. Also watching your vid you were missing a lot of those guys and still getting hit markers/kills so really don't see what you are moaning about.

    As for your complaints on the no skill weapons, they already nerfed the noob tubes big time, unless you get a direct hit with an SMAW or Grenade launcher you're not getting a kill, same with frags and semtex. I don't know how many times I've fired a launcher into a camping spot and gotten hitmarkers and no kills even though the guys are like 2 feet away and they aren't even using blast shield. If there's anything they need to change in this game to make it more realistic in terms of gun play it's eliminating ADS for SMGs and LMGs because that is complete BS. It's retarded that people can snipe across the map with an MP-7.

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    theatre mode and kill cams do not always show wat happened and as far the fmg9s are concerned it didnt matter wat weapon he was using where he came from u were dead either way