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    The wireless is protected, and rarely used, my isp calls it fibre powered, but that aside with the speed i have should i really be suffering the lag.  Some of my friends suffer the same issues and from a range of providers.

    I dont have problems with anything else except mw3,

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    2 game updates ago had no lag, now its LAG 24/7. For some is the connections for others is the game.

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    Im just not sure what the best providers are, I have brighthouse at the moment, and have roadrunner lightning, is there a proven provider that is good for gamming in centeral florida? anyone know? im always looking and searching to better my connection, what Ive done is just what Ive found so far

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    yes i do and it has gotten worse

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    So it sounds like you and ERROR_6 are actually not fiber to the home.  Cable providers are able to claim they have a fiber optic network while no real rollout to the home has happened yet with any of them.  This is my point behind marketing needing some moderation in todays services.


    Another issue with this practice is that along the line they convert the signal from a fiber medium to running on a copper core medium... IMPOSSIBLE.


    My biggest suggestion would again be to look into forming a fiber optic co-op in your area.  Other than that, your kinda stuck with the lie they hid in clever marketing practice.  I feel very bad for those people in those shoes.


    While some may be expereinceing lag that might (and this is slim) be connected to the game, its usually a signal thing.


    @ERROR_6 Same advice as far as the co-op.  A huge benefit is, just like with food co-ops, the consumers/employees actually own a part in the network.  This gives us, the consumer, much more say in how they handle themselves... another reason some officials dont want this type of thing.


    For more information, I would suggest browsing this site:



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    But the issue still isn't on my end. I have high speeds and high bandwidth or else I wouldn't be able to do all it is I can do. The problem lies with terrible match making and a "leech" like hosting system

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    This could be the other reason; as we know though this game and our consoles are perfectly safe and cant be hacked (Id add a sarcastic emoticon but for some reason my AV blocks the script)... Im glad even my elderly mother understand how ignoarant and arrogant that thought really is.  Why a trained Computer Science major would try to make this claim is WAAAYYY beyond comprehension.

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    If your on cable, remeber that you 'share' a complete bandwidth and peak usage times can create a load of crap.  This is the benefit that dedicated DSL and fiber like my own bring to the table...


    If you live in a neighborhood where others are doing the same then you can see why this would affect the overall throughput for everyone on your chain to the node.  Cable really blows in that respect, not to mention is a HUGE security issue as one can still ebay a router to 'decrypt' the others on a line.  But dont expect cable to take responsibility in that area...

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    This is my issue on a nightly basis as well. I can go huge one game and just when I start to feel good, the game flips the switch and the game is unplayable all of a sudden. I too have the best connection I can buy but unfortunately it's not enough

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    Fibre to home aside with the speed i have i should not be having the massive lag issues in the game.


    I dont have speed issues with anything else, i am with the fastest provider in the country(Ireland by the way).


    There are thousands of posts here complaining about lag in the game, for some people its much worse than for others and they are from gamers all over the world so the fault can hardly be with everybodies isp. some maybe but not all..

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