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  • 50. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    I have complained about this mechanic for years on many sites. I usually get bashed by the 8-15 year olds that seem to rely heavily on this for kills.


    I think it is one thing that the dev team really dropped the ball on. In a game where I would think that the end goal would be to even out the weapons, this is grossly in the opposite direction.


    I have a video of me last night playing where I had an ACR and was lighting up a guy with shots. in desperation he 'quick' scoped and one shotted me. Which isn't the worst part of it, in the kill cam replay you can clearly see that NO part of my body is under his cross hairs in fact I am way to the outside left of his aim and only cover about 15-25% of the lower left side of the scope, well out of the cross hairs in the middle.


    I would say if you are going to give the weapon an ability to one shot kill with a mechanic like 'quickscope' at least make the target be in the cross hairs not just somewhere in the scopes view.....


    I know the developers won't fix this but it is just my two cents.... maybe we can start a petition? no more buying any COD titles until then fix it?

  • 51. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    Woah a petition? No more buying any COD titles? What ever will Infinity Ward do.

  • 52. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    Clearly you have no clue how to do it constantly if you think it's all luck, which is a retarded statement. Timing and aiming accurately quickly constantly is not luck. It's called being good.

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    I hate it but it's not a glitch in that well before the game went on sale IW said that QS would be in MW3, they intentionally made it possible.  They obviously wanted to keep all the little kids who like run to run around with a sniper rifle so it's in the game purely because of money.

  • 54. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

       I'm not one to complain about whatever other players use, I think its annoying, but whatever people want. ........


       As far as skill, well I've fooled around with it a bit, mostly because of the high number of panic shots I've taken while normal sniping, and got jaw dropping hits.


        there is a timing issue, and I guess you can call that skill. Its kinda like using oma noobtubes from mw2 and shooting at people running past a wall. You have to be quick and somewhat accurate, but the splash damage increases the odds of a hit. In this case its the aim assist that increases the odds and not the splash damage.

       And yes ..... it does take advantage of aim assist. Its not just there when you are fully scoped or no scoped. I'm no dev, but my expaination would be this: 

         Bullets do damage by crossing a certain point at a certain time, then compare with where the enemy is at a certain time to see if they hit. In qsing the quick adsing registers a wide range of coordinates. As long the line of coordinates crosses where the enemy was at that time aim assist causes it to be a hit. Instead of firing a point projectile, you are firing a short line. If you notice, it also makes it easier if the enemy is moving. Thats because you are now firing a line at another line ........... two lines have a greater likelihood of intersecting than a line and a point, and even more than 2 points.



         That being said though, one of the things that does impress me about effective qsers is the ability to get to the high traffic areas quickly, stay alive ( since mosy of the time they are just standing out in the open) , and then quickly identifying the targets.

         I've had qsers that I've tried my darndest to sneak up on and surprise with absolutely no luck. I have an issue with seeing enemies at distances, yet some of these guys can pick out the slightest movement, or the slightest variation in the map that gives away an enemy, and snap to it fatsre than I can even think about it. To me, thats the key to an effective qser vs one of the regulars that usually go extremely negative.

  • 55. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    These quick scope players have no skill doing everything to be cheap and get kills with as less skill as possible. Real snipers don't run around a terrain with a different scope or run around pointing they're rifles at machine gunners like the are weilding smg's. These players lacking skill have developed a new way to be annoying and get kills in a very effective way with no talent needed. The developers need to stop listening to whiners and start making the game good for everyone in total instead of making new maps that have left no place for the regular sniper and paved the way for the new quick scope ideals. With out they're quick scoping they turn to small fast effective guns such as MP9's or Skorpions. There will always be someone trying to get easy kills because they choose to do so rather then gain skill with a weapon that isn't already noobish. This is my opinion in whole.

  • 56. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    pleeease, i cant how many times im shooting someone and they take the bullets and still qs me leaving me dead and them bloody. its a cheap kill, an exploit of the game mechanics and the aim assist that was never intended but fully exploited. the people who created the game you are qs on said its cheap and an exploit, nuff said.....

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    For Modern Warfare 2 and (obviously) Black Ops I never knew how to quick scope for those 2 years. I figured it out in MW3 and now I'm pretty good at it. In all honesty, it definitely takes some time to learn. If you're worth half a damn with an Assault Rifle or Smg then you should be able to outplay a quick scoper.

  • 58. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    how do you explain controllers having qs built in then? one button press and you are a qs'er. how does one program all the skill and difficulty into a controller? all you are doing is finding the perfect timing from one trigger to the next. all you people defending quickscoping do your research. it is an exploit and a cheap one at that. one that was never intended but exploited to the fullest. it really isnt that hard to do, its all a matter of timing and that little bit of aim assist goes a long way when you dont even have to lock onto your target. i mean really half the time the scope doesnt even come all the way up, and thats a osk? and the dumb names qs'ers come up with a black scope? really?


    just because you use a sniper rifle does not make you a sniper. all the qs'ers that say hardscoping is for noobs are sorely mistaken. thats the guy who actually knows how to use the sniper rifle. i dont care how much you qs'ers want to defend it or say how hard and skillful it is, as always the people who made the game know a whole lot more than you, that its a cheap exploit of the game mechanics. btw go watch the history channel and then come back and tell me if you are "sniping"......

  • 59. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    Quickscopers annoy the hell out of me when they spawn kill me or when they call me a noob for "hardscoping". Son, I'm using the thing properly and I'm the noob? And the I'm one that's going positive here and you're k/d isn't even above a 1.0? Yeah I'm a noob.

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