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Suggestions in making Black Ops 2 the best CoD to date.

rather than post this on the pre-pubescent cryfest that is the Infinity Ward forums, i thought id first post here, since Treyarch actually tries to LISTEN to the community and change the game accordingly. I will be using MW3 as a point of reference, so some of the mentioned content may not actually appear in Black Ops 2.


1. Connection Issues/Lag Compensation - For those of you who don't know, MW3 has the worst case of Lag Compensation in any FPS I've ever played. Lag Compensation can be described as "giving someone with a worse connection an advantage", aka if you're playing the game with a very high speed internet, you are gimping yourself, seeing as IW rewards players for stealing internet from their neighbors. Idk anything about net code, but PLEASE rework it Treyarch, it's a joke.


2. Spawns - MW3 spawns are a joke. There's no 2 ways around it. They're just bad. Here's a more extreme case of the horrible spawns in MW3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a0eAN_aeiQ. From what I've learned, spawn "logic" is determined by an algorithm that determines the "safest" place for you to spawn. I'm not 100% on how it works, but the way it SHOULD work would be to assess certain things depending on the situation. The most important factors would be distance from nearest enemy, distance from teammates, and distance from objectives, which would triangulate on one point, where you should spawn. Maybe raise the minimum distance an enemy can be for you to spawn in a specific point. Perhaps there was a lack of viable spawn points in MW3 that leads to spawn trapping, but one thing I know affects it is the map size. Compared to other CoDs, MW3 maps are very, very small, usually with hallways/alleys running around a central cluster**** in the middle. This makes spawns tricky, as no matter where you spawn you're still not even far from an enemy across the map due to the poor map design. We need more dynamic spawns that change with the situation, not revenge spawns, not set-in-stone spawn areas.


3. Gun Balance - This has been an issue since CoD 4. Some guns are just designed so that they are better than most other guns in it's class, or in general, by quite a fair margin. In this installment we have the MP7/ACR/T95/Akimbo FMG9, which have caused more than a few problems in the community. Basically when we're looking at gun stats, there are 4 important statistics:


-Accuracy (Amount of Recoil per shot/Hipfire spread)


-Fire Rate

-Capacity (Bullets per clip/mag, and reserve bullets)


imo, to balance the game, NO gun should EXCEED in more than 2 of these categories. I don't mind if a gun is mediocre in every category, but making super weapons has watered down the series since '07. This will promote varied gunplay and players will choose guns to fit their playstyle rather than that gun that has all the advantages. In MW3, I believe SMGs are overpowered. Why? On top of moving/aiming faster than any other gun in the game, most of them exceed in 3 (or more) of these categories. Take the MP7 for example; the recoil is minimal, the dmg is standard for SMGs although with a bit more range, fire rate is standard for SMGs(very good considering other classes of weapons), and it has a 40 shot clip (which beats every gun in the game bar FAD, P90, and LMGs) it is no surprise that this is the most used gun, why would you pick an Assault when this SMG does almost everything the Assualt does and more? Black Ops had it right here....SMGs had default 20 round clips, requiring an attachment to make them on-par with Assaults. If the MP7 had a 20 shot clip, you could remove ALL the recoil if you want, it would require players to more accurately place shots rather than get triple sprays in hallways. This would limit SMGs to close quarters 1v1-2 situations, which is how I think they should be played. Keeping these 4 stats in check with each other would greatly improve the guns in the CoD franchise.


3a. Secondary Weapon Balance - FMG9 Akimbo, 'nuff said. The point of a secondary is when you're out of ammo on your primary or are caught in a lengthy reload without Sleight of Hand, you can defend yourself. Secondaries shouldn't be horribly underpowered, but they shouldn't be anywhere near as good as primaries. A lot of people are against machine pistols as secondaries, while they don't bother me, they need to be regulated just like the primaries, paying attention to the 4 stats mentioned above. A pistols-only game wouldn't bother me a bit either, but if you insist on machine pistols, stop making them akimbo. JUST STOP!


4. Perks - I don't believe there are any "overpowered" perks in the game, they all serve a purpose but don't do anything gamebreaking. I've seen a lot of grief about Assassin, while I can understand why, when you have scrubs getting UAVs/AUAVs WITHOUT EVEN NEEDING TO GET A CONSECUTIVE KILLSTREAK, a UAV blocking perk is absolutely necessary. However I do believe Assassin does a bit too much. Most perks offer 1 benefit, and another benefit from its Pro version. Assassin, however, when Pro, gives you immunity to: UAVs, Portable Radar, Heartbeat, Thermal, CUAV and EMPs, AND your name does not appear above your head when you're targeted. That's 7 benefits from just ONE perk. That imo is too much. Some of the Assassin benefits should be redistributed among other perks. Give Portable Radar immunity to Dead Silence, and CUAV immunty to Blind Eye. This won't affect the "Stealth Class" (Blind Eye/Assassin/Dead Silence), but it balances it so everybody in the game doesn't run Assassin. Also, putting stronger, more viable options in the same tier as Assassin would help too, so far the only real competitor to Assassin is Hardline, but you're not gonna be going on many killstreaks if the opponent use UAV often, while Quickdraw is quite useful, most weapons ADS isn't terrible, besides LMGs and Snipers, and the faster equipment usage stops working after you've used your equipment.


4a. Useless/Redundant Pro Perks - In my experience, I have found some of the Pro versions of perks to be not nearly as useful, or redundant to their non-Pro variant.


Scavenger - allows you to resupply ammo from dead enemies, giving you endless ammo until you're killed. The Pro version gives you 2 bonus clips from the start, meaning you essentially start with 5 clips instead of 3. Now, why in the world would I need to start with extra ammo when I can get a new clip from any dead body on the ground?

The only answer I can think of is camping. Let's tweak Scavenger Pro to let players start with 1 extra GRENADE ONLY and 1 extra FLASH OR STUN ONLY. Since Scavenger has to compete with Sleight of Hand and Blind Eye, 2 extremely popular perks, there wouldn't be grenade spam.


Sleight of Hand - Another one I find a bit redundant; gives faster reloads, and when Pro, gives faster weapon swap. If my reloads are already incredibly short, when am I gonna need to switch to a secondary on the fly, which would take = or more time than simply reloading my gun? Sleight of Hand should revert to its MW2 state, faster reloads and faster aiming when Pro. Make Quickdraw give faster weapon swaps (doesn't that make sense anyways?).


Blind Eye - The anti-killsteak perk. Makes you immune to any and all lethal killstreaks. When Pro, gives faster launcher lock-on and extra bullet dmg vs air support. This is pointless, either we're going to shoot them down with a gun or a launcher, not both. The only time this is semi-useful is when you're out of Stingers and there's a nasty killstreak in the air, in which case you're more than likely going to burn through too much of your ammo killing the damn thing (unless you're running with an LMG) for it to be worthwhile. Keep the faster launcher lock-on, and take some things out of Assassin and put them in here (See Above)


Blast Shield - I was an avid Flak Jacket user in Black Ops, usually combining it with Tactical Mask to make a sort of Juggernaut class for my M60. When I learned of Blast Shield Pro, combining Flak Jacket/Tactical Mask into one package, I was so happy. However, if you've used Blast Shield, you'll know its quite sub-par compared to its predecessors. In Black Ops, Flak Jacket applied a dmg "multiplier" in the form of a decimal, effectively reducing dmg. The multiplier in Black Ops was .35x, or roughly 1/3 the normal dmg. In MW3, it's multiplier is a laughable .65x, almost 2x that of Black Ops, meaning Blast Shield in MW3 does about half of what its Black Ops counterpart did. Within its maximum effective radius (6.5 meters), grenades in MW3 do 130 damage. In core modes, you have 100 hp. When subjected to the Blast Shield multiplier, we get 84.5 dmg, meaning, if you've taken even 1 bullets worth of dmg from literally any gun in the game, the grenade is still going to kill you. Useful perk huh? All Blast Shield does is protect you from randomly thrown grenades, which is not why most use it. It's used to fortify yourself within a position, so you can't be flushed out by explosives. On top of that, the Pro version is nearly pointless. You will still get flashed/stunned long enough to give your opponent ample time to kill you. Give us a better multiplier in accordance with the nerfed explosive damage. .4x would be perfect imo, making grenades do 52 dmg within their maximum effective radius. Grenades will still knock out half our hp within its effective radius, so its not overpowered in the slightest. Im assuming they're using the same methods for the flash/stun reduction as well, something like .6x sounds good. As of right now, Blast Shield is pointless, making that choice of Assassin in your red slot all that much easier.


***HARDCORE PLAYERS ONLY*** I don't play Hardcore, but I feel this is also an issue that needs to be addressed. In Black Ops, the multiplier for Flak Jacket was tweaked for HC modes in proportion to the change in amount of maximum hp. The multiplier in Black Ops for Flak Jacket was .09x, making the dmg of grenades ~12-18 dmg with Flak Jacket in HC, roughly half your hp, which is proportional to the reduction in core modes. In MW3 however, this isn't the case...HC players recieve the same multiplier as core players. What does this mean? Looking at equation above, grenades will kill you within that 6.5 meters, whether you have Blast Shield or not. Maybe it will affect the range at which they can kill you right? Dmg outside the max effective radius is 55. Subject that to the Blast Shield multiplier and you get 35.75. Since you have only 30 hp in HC mode, this means, that no matter the occasion, whether you have Blast Shield or not, if you're close enough to a grenade for it to dmg you, you will die. Period. Very unfair to HC objective players who are doomed to being pelted by grenades.


5. Killstreaks/Pointstreaks - One thing IW did well here is reward players for with a point toward their pointstreak for playing the objective. What they did wrong however, is Support and Killstreak stacking.


5a. Support - First off I'd like to say, this was gamechanging in multiple ways. For positive, it allowed players to take a "support" role, where even if you're not smashing face with a 4.0 k/d, you're still a valuable asset to the team, and it encourages other styles of gameplay besides the "Slayer" role. I also like how they stack even after death, but I also hate it for the following reasons.


Stealth Bomber - Precision Airstrike on steroids. It flys the length of the map in a straight line and drops bombs. I think it was designed to use as a way to flush out enemies from areas that you and your team couldn't access due to heavy traffic. However, it's simply used like any Assault package, to get kills and pad your k/d. Just yesterday, in Domination, I had just gotten my Specialist bonus and was on a roll, defending B with my trusty G36c, when LO' AND BEHOLD! A WILD STEALTH BOMBER APPEARS! And what's better, he doesn't even put it on B! He puts it by our spawn, while his whole team is pushing B, which killed me on my way to A and a couple others. I check the scoreboard: he's 17-25 -.- There should be NO lethal killstreaks in the support package, take out Precision Failstrike and just put in Stealth Bomber.


EMP - One of the 3 18 killstreaks in the Support package, the EMP disables all enemy electronics from functioning during its duration. And I mean EVERYTHING. All optical gun attachements, all killstreak rewards, ANYTHING electronic is disabled, and no killstreaks can be called in while it's up (besides non-electronic ones ie. Ballistic Vests). On top of that, it lasts a daunting MINUTE. A lot will say "A minute isn't that long." In a fast-paced, constant actiion game like CoD, a minute might as well be an hour. For all the it does and the fact your streak carries over through death, the duration should be something like 30 sec. Enough time for you and your team to push forward and maybe grab an objective, but not so long that by the time it's over you're dominating the other team.


5b. Killstreak Stacking - This occurs when someone gets, let's say, a 5 kill streak and earns a Predator Missile, quite easy. Said person calls it in, and what luck! The entire enemy team has just spawned! The missile hits and said person gets a nice multi-kill. This I don't mind. What I do mind, is that those 4 kills he just got are getting tacked on to his killstreak. The lucky pred nabs him a Reaper, which he then uses to reign hell with, racking up even MORE kills, that cumulatively stack, netting him the fabled Osprey Gunner. In essence, he just got an Osprey by getting only 5 kills with his gun. This is wrong, Anyone who has played MW2 knows this all too well, and was actually one of the more prevalent issues in that game. I will admit that in MW3 its not nearly the monster it was in MW2, but still frustrating nonetheless.

Killstreaks should be earned with your weapon, or by playing objectives. Air support should NOT lead to even more, juiced up air support. It makes the game more revolving around camping and getting that first streak than trying to win.


6. Killing vs Capping: Objective Gameplay - While IW did try to mend this by adding to your pointstreak by capping objectives, the fact of the matter is: no matter what gametype you're playing, having a high amount of kills will earn more points than playing the objective.

Oh, you capped B 5 times that round AND defended it? Cool story, the guy rushing the enemy spawn going 50-10 got 2x your points. This leads to constant spawn switches due to the insane amount of rushers, trying to get the nice YouTube quality gameplay, and an overall stale experience. CoD should take a note from WoW here, in that if you're staying near a flag preventing the enemy from capping it, you will ultimately get more points than the guy running down the middle trying to get 30 HKs. My suggestion? Double capping/defending points in objective games and half the kill points. Now the guy going 50-10 can do that if he wants, but hes going to walk away with half the points the guy playing the objective does. This is how it should be for objective games. If you dont like it, play Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed, where getting kills IS the objective.


7. Lunging/"The Panic Knife" - I'm not sure about you guys, but when I play an FPS, I shoot things, and that's my first priority. Let's take a look at this scenario: You're running in a confined area, rushing with some CQC class, you turn a corner, and before you've even raised the sight on your gun, you get knifed. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. This happens to me about 5 times a match, on average, and its annoying everytime. So you're telling me that I can shoot someone 2 or 3 times and they're fine, but if I cut at a guy's shirt pocket, he drops like a sack of potatoes. C'mon guys, its a joke. IW even went as far as to add a melee proficiency to your gun, to speed up your panic knife. There should be a short 1-2 sec animation where you pull out your knife, THEN knife the enemy, which gives players a chance to react should you come into these around-the-corner type of fights. Another issue is knife lunging, or when a person is 3-5 feet from you and suddenly fly at you and knife you. We all remember Commando. We all remember how bad it was. I know that it's hard to be precise with a melee combat system, but reduce the lunge distance to 1 or 2 feet in game.



ive tried to post my issues with MW3 in a professional manner, not the normal ragekids screaming "NERF THIS, BUFF THAT, TAKE THIS OUT I WASTED ALL MY XMAS MONEY ON THIS!!!!!". I hope you respond in the same way.


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    Nice post and i do agree with some of your issues, Just glad your not one of these children crying about quickscoping because they cant do it.

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    Amen to #1 and #2. I pay dearly for a 20mbps internet connection and can't believe that they would penalize people with good connections (I have MW3 on PS3). I didn't make it to 2nd prestige before I completely quit playing the game. Spawning was also a joke as you could even box yourself in a room with a claymore at the only entrance and have someone spawn in the room with you. MW3 was just no fun online. It put a bad taste in my mouth and I will never buy another COD on launch day again. Before buying I'll try with a friend, rent it, or just look on this website to get a feel for it I guess.


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    Totally agree with the knife attack!! you play Black ops your Flat Jacket and you come around the corner and your Knifed !!! Dead ?? How.. or your killed by a small submachine gun with Flat Jacket ?Anyway i agree with the Killstreaks should only be off the gun nothing else,but you should have to pay for your weapons to be maintained...this just isnt thought off, there must be a price for your gun who is doing all this hard work for you and hey !! it never seems to wear out or need maintaining?This should be applied in the Black Ops or MW3.

    Better camo on the guns and have a females entered into the game,so many females play the game a nd bring this up many times..RCXD ?is it needed .

    Anyway great Post .

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    Anything that has Black ops in it will always SUCK! Just saying that why they asked Infinity Ward for help.

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    Mature and valid in all your points, sir.  The lag comp has ruined Modern Warfare 3 for me due to always drawing host, which is even worse. Apparently the lag is worst on Playstation 3 too, which is my console of choice. My Internet is 75/35, so I pay dearly in Modern Warfare 3.  I really like your point on the knife, it's ridiculous how people can lunge instantly. I hate the stealth bomber as sucky players can get a massively lethal kill streak for nothing. Also, I agree that kill streaks should go back to the black ops method (no stacking) but add objective points (doubled.)

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    I have some info about black ops 2 I will post tomarrow it is on about 8 different sections or more

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    The spawns need to be fixed catered to TDM, it is by far the most played game type.

    If there is noware to spawn, move the rushers or spawn campers back to their spawn.

    It is better then a cheap death.

    Get rid of the middle spawns a revenge spawns.

    Let the player chose where he wants to go.

    Theyarch seems to push players into a direction. That is why you run into clumps of players.

    You will be on a 10 Killsteak and 2 players will spawn right infront of you.

    The big maps need to be catered to shooting.

    Nobody ever spawned behind me on Wasteland, Afghan, Karachi, Estate ECT.

    You can't even have a good gun fight on Discovery, Cracked or Array without horrible spawns cheating you.

    The buildings need to be moved to the back of the map to force players to shoot, or die.

    Scavenger needs to give Claymores, But Claymore need to move back to MW2 triggers.