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    If you are on a cable connection (Time Warner / RoadRunner / Comcast / Etc.) you actually share a cumulative bandwidth over a line attached to a node.  Someone else reaching the limit to engage "Power/Turbo Boost" is going to affect your throughput.  Also, if the rest of your neghborhood is on the internet, its gonna affect YOUR individual throughput.  Take a read through the actual contract you agree to and it will blow your mind what you share and how its shared... not to mention the ACTUAL speeds they are promising for a constant measure.


    If you know what your doing you can force them to refund 6 months of a years fees, as they know they are not providing what they claim (minus the ToS for their service).  I did, but it took going past regualr support and contacting things like "Office Of The President" and also faxing into EVERY corporate # I could find.  But, I got a check, when I was with TWC, for $216 which was 50% of what Id paid over the year.  They will try to talk you into leaving them upon this, but you are NOT obligated to leave as the problem lies within their technology, not your INDIVIDUAL usage.


    OFF TOPIC - If Anon' REALLY wanted to make a real difference in services delivered to consumers, theyd pass this around and make one form of the internet step its game up and start acting right.

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    Another factor another thread just reminded me of... it could all be the problem of the host and his/her ISP.  Ill garuntee if Im hosting the game you'll think LackInVision/Virginity Wart came off lunch break and got real again.

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    I give up, been trying for an hour to find a decent lag free game with no luck, really feel like throwing the game out the window

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    Just saying but I never have lagg issues except @ mw3 ... IDC actually I dont play this piece of **** anymore.

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    I typically play weeknights after 11. I would imagine that nearly all of neighborhood is asleep. Even during "peak daytime hours I can still stream hi-def videos and execute extreme multitasking. I have the more powerful internet Roadrunner has to offer. So if I can do all that during the day why would I still lag at night when the only thing that I'm running is my PS3

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    I have 3 pc's here and can be streaming, downloading and uploading all at the same time without any problems or loss of speed, when i run mw3 i have everything else off exept my ps3 and it lags,


    I also seem to pull host a lot of the time

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    My thought here is "how much bandwidth does CoD need?" I don't understand why 120% of my "premium high speed internet" needs to go towards a game that functions as terribly as this one does. Maybe the problem isn't our internet, maybe it's one the games end

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    It has to be the game, i dont have a problem with anything else, i even put on black ops the other night and was a little stunned at first at how lag free it was in compared to mw3, i am trying to find my copy of mw2 to see what thats like.


    From what i have read in other posts in the forums it seems to be guys like us who pay for the best internet service we can get are being used to speed up everyone who has a crappy slow isp, i read in a post that players with crap slow speeds are leeching off our speed to their benefit...

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    My first game of Black Ops I went 27-2 after months of not playing

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    Not much different from me, and it was ages since i had played it, but i am sure somebody will pop in a comment soon saying that the lag in mw3 is all our internet connections fault and not problems with the game....lol