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x NsK x  is now recruiting...


Hey CoD ppl.

Just wanted to put this out there that my clan is now recruiting.

Originally we were just gonna keep the clan members small (10 as of right now)

But now we want to exand a little (having squads and what not)

SO... If you're looking for some new friends that are usually online quite often and you'd like to be part of all the clan ops,

Hit me back.


Clan info:


x NsK x

Clan Level: 10

Hours played: 1485

K/DR : 1.22

SPM: 175.04



3 Gold

2 Silver

2 Bronze


As you can see we're not hardcore players but we do like to win.


If you're interested, MSG me via the forums, my clan page or my GamerTag.


My GT is Abrupt Assassin