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Face-Off.. welcome or not welcome in Black Ops?


So, I spent a few hours before work today playing MW3's "New" <cough> Game Mode, Face-Off (the Travolta/Cage jokes have already been exhausted, folks). Because I am not a big fan of MW3, of course it got me thinking to BlOps 2 and if this mode would be a viable option, so thought I'd post a few of my thoughts and see what everyone else is thinking on the matter.


  1. 1v1 = Boosting. I can't help but shake that thought. Black Ops did an exceptional job at keeping boosters away and I would hate to see that element get a forum in the new game. The only thing I can think of is that if something like this did make an appearance, it would need to be in unranked lobbies, where you can't level up weapons or earn XP toward leveling up. Maybe it would work as a Wager Match type deal? You put COD points up against the opponent? Not sure that would work entirely either, but I don't see it being a viable game mode if it can be used to level up. Too many people would take advantage of it.
  2. Killstreaks- Why oh why would they include Killstreaks in a 1v1 matchup??? I mean, really. You go in to play against other players, not their AI controlled helicopters. Heck, a Stealth Bomber would pretty much blanket the whole map, no? If this was brought back, would need to be without Killstreaks to make it truly gun on gun.
  3. Weapon Balance and Perks- Since all that is available for Face-Off is Core modes <FACEPALM>, weapon balance is an issue. It would seem to me to make more sense to make it barebones. No attachments or proficiencies on the weapons, and I would go as far as to say force a pistol as a sidearm. Otherwise, one on ones aren't really even, the OP weapon wins. I if I got XP for all the hit-markers I got today I would be 15th prestige. I honestly like the idea that both players are given the same weapon and sidearm, same grenades and equipment for each match. It would truly be a test of skill and take players out of their comfort zone a little bit. Same goes for perks, I would just say either give everyone the same perks or make it like a Specialist-type situation, where you earn them through killstreaks.
  4. Camping. Camping. CAMPING!- Sad that I have to bring this up, but its the scourge of the game and everyone knows it. Its even sadder in 1v1 situations when someone just sits in a corner. Not sure that I know how, or if its even possible, to solve this. Someone made a suggestion that there be random UAV sweeps once a minute or so, and would show everyone on the map. It would be awesome to make it like a "Hunger Games" type scenario. Someone is camping? They send something to disrupt them, perhaps a targeted airstrike on their area or maybe something like a "spotter". You stay in one place too long, your opponent gets an indicator of your location and you get advised that you've been spotted. Something to keep the action moving. I dunno guys, what do you think?
  5. Small Maps- I have a love/hate relationship with small maps. Love them because the action doesn't stop, but hate them because my reaction time isn't always that great compared to some younger games. I like the idea of small maps for small team engagements, however, and would like to see something like that in Black Ops. Lets face it, love it or hate it, Nuketown was a face-paced game, and I never saw it get to the point where the timer ran out on TDM.


My final thoughts are, sadly, no it shouldn't be brought back in the state it is now. Maybe if Treyarch gets their capable hands on it, it could be a fun, useful game mode, but as it is its an absolute mess and a waste of time. I was kind of looking forward to it, to be honest, but once again IW disappoints. No innovation, no creativity, and just fodder for the cheaters and exploiters alike.  Any thoughts on this?

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    I really like your idea of using it in the wager matches. That would ensure no exploiting. The kills wouldnt count, just the money.

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    Not to bump my own post, but I have to say that after playing the mode, I am really, really enjoying it. I haven't even tried 2v2, I have been having so much fun playing the 1v1 mode.  Sure I get the occasional D-bag in the room with me, and the occasional quitter (Not to mention being put into matches where the previous player quit and either being so far behind its impossible to catch up or getting a cheap loss because I get in with 10 seconds left). All those are minor inconveniences , however, because when you get a good opponent, its just plain fun.


    I still stand by some of my suggestions, but retract my final one. I would really, really like to see this make a return, especially with the added bonus of Treyarch's innovations.  I've gotten by butt kicked, and handed out a few butt kickings of my own. I've been in intensely close matches where I had to get a last second tag grab or kill to seal the win or the draw. Tonight, I got into rooms with some really nice guys, none of whom camped, complained, or quit. One guy stuck around for several matches, even though most of them were lop-sided in my favor. Ironically... the only guy who quit was beating me 7 to 5.


    I am enjoying MW3 again because of this mode. For the first time in months, ever match has me on the edge of my seat and my pulse racing. I am leveling up like a madman (partly because of the Double XP on elite playlists), but more importantly, enjoying the competition.

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    1. there is already team tactical, where i have played 2v2 plunty of times so I don't see it being a big stretch.


    2. People are going to camp, it's part of the game, get past it.


    3. If a weapon isn't balanced in 1v1 or 2v2 then it's not balanced regardless of how many people are on a team.


    4. I really liked how 3arc used the same maps from core in wager matches but edited them to make them smaller. This would work pretty well if there was any sort of 1v1 or 2v2 matches. I would really like to see them continue this and actually add DLC maps to the list in wager matches and such.

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    The mode itself I am quite fond of (2v2 I mean; 1v1 is just a boosters dream), but restricting maps to only be playable in that mode is a big no-no IMO; I don't know what they were thinking doing that.


    Like Avenged said above me; do like Treyarch did with wager matches and simply block off parts of a map if it is too big, but don't for the love of God make maps just for it. It is killing me not being able to play those new maps in TDM, especially when three out of four are bigger than nuketown and rust combined!

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      Big no-no and and a huge fail. Promised 4 maps in basically any mode I want, but now we only get 1 map in any mode, and a whole bunch of stuff I don't care for, in different separate maps? WTF?


      And to the OP, I don't want Face-Off to return in Bops2 in the same way it is now; on separate maps. It will have its' fair share of fans (as Sabotage never really has much- and it keeps staying in the games) as long as it is on EVERY map.

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      Don't hate me, but I disagree with your point here.


      I don't mind that the mode is restricted to certain maps, and I will tell you why. Multi-Player gets monotous because you keep getting the same thing over and over again. We play the same maps over and over and over again. People have their spots, they know where the spawns are going to be, they know the sightlines, and they can be played in any mode.


      I like having different maps for Face Off. Its a break from the monotony of the maps we've had since day one and provides a new environment to play around in. I personally don't have a problem with it, I like that you won't see these maps come up in other playlists so that you get tired of them. They are playable in Private Matches, so you can set them up on there if you like.


      Some of the old CoDs had maps that were only used on certain modes, if I am not mistaken... and it was always cool when those maps came up because you didn't see them often. I like that I can get into Face Off and, while the selection is limited right now, see something different than I normally do in the other modes.


      That being said...I hope that releasing these maps doesn't interfere with them continuing to offer regular MP maps.

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        Point taken, but for those of us who bought ELiTE for the maps, it's a kick in the face; if they truley want to make seperate maps for game modes, then bundle it seperately too, I bought it for MP maps; not to be told which mode to play the maps on.


        Like i said before; do as Treyarch did before and block parts of the maps off, would fix both problems.

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          Yes and no. I liked how they partitioned the maps in Wager as well and hate that Iw didn't learn anything from them and do the same on their mockery of one in the chamber.


          One thing I do have to hand IW is that they are thinking outside the box for once. They promised us Content, never said it would just be MP maps. I don't mind it, being a Premium Elite member myself. I think its nice to have something fresh after playing the same maps repeatedly on other modes. Agree to disagree!

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    Wow.  From absolute mess and waste of time... to edge of your seat and pulse racing!

    Quite amusing posts OP.  Haha. 



    @ people who are complaining that the maps are Faceoff exclusive - These maps were specifically made for this gamemode.  Smaller maps and smaller teams, so it wouldn't work in the other playlists.  Essentially, the maps are as much a part of the gamemode as the 1v1, 2v2 (and now 3v3) setup offers.



    By the way, I have a PS3 :/, so I have a good long month before I can try it myself, but am anticipating to do so!

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      As i said before; three out of four of those maps are bigger than Nuketown, some maybe bigger than dome and all of them are bigger than rust; I just think they again messed up the spawns and don't want a backlash, end of.

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      LOL true and sorry for being so flaky on it. Lets face it, MW3 MP is a mess, there is no getting around that, I think most would agree. Its CoD, so its fun, but its still a big mess.


      My initial post came after my first impressions of the game mode. I kind of told myself I would only play it with friends, but then later on decided to give it a second chance. I think more than anything it was some of the players I got into rooms with that swayed my opinion. Had some very exciting matches, which made me see the possibilities of a game mode like that. I have had some not so fun matches as well, but I think its really helped me improve my gameplay style and learn to adapt against other play styles.


      As I said in my Original Post, I still think it could stand to be improved. I think there is more that could be done with the mode and would love to see what a developer like Treyarch could do.


      That first day was a mess, by the way, but shame on me for not expecting that... the first day of anything IW releases is always that way. My mind has changed, however, and I am now somewhat addicted to it.

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    nicedrewishfela wrote:


    Any thoughts on this?


    One word...



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      LOL I haven't seen anybody try to boost except for the squeaker who asked me in a lobby to "give him" seven headshots. I told him where to stick those headshots... and the little bugger proceeded to soundly whoop me in the match . Dang Whippersnappers. But like I said, Boosting is a fear of mine, I think most players are honest and play how its intended, but there is always that cancerous element in the CoD community that will take advantage of things like this.

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    Face Off needs to come back, Its an amazing game mode, I've never ran into a booster in that game mode. Its a great idea IW deserves a pat on the back!

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      Face Off is my favorite game mode by far.  I like 3v3 the most.  6 people on a small map ensures a fast paced game with lots of targets to shoot at. 


      I happen to like the kill streaks, there is nothing like over dominating someone who was feeding you kills   (I guess they should have played smarter).


      Sure there are a lot of d-bags (in any game mode) but that is what the mute feature is for.  Overall, I have played some great games with some cool people (complete strangers) in this mode.


      I definatly have been OK with the purchase price of my hardened, Care Package, DLC & Elite (any money I have spent on COD) purchases going to Face Off maps/modes.


      Improvments: Maybe make dashboarders/quiters (Dare I say kids?) that quit the last 120 seconds of match have to wait in a lobby for 120 seconds before allowing the making of thier next match or something similar.

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    I wouldn't play it. People would just hide with SMGs. Just let all the boosters flock to it and ban them.

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    I hate small maps by default. The maps which are already on the disc feel like they were made for Face Off.


    I see why some people like small maps its just nothing for me and my blood pressure (lag related).

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    Not welcome until lag is fixed better and hc gets at least one or two more playlists first. After that point, sill unsure for it was gimmicky even in MW3 and the spawns were a joke most of the time, even worse than what the spawns in this game is right now.

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    Not welcome.  I didn't like the fact that everyone quit to preserve their KD.  Don't want 3ARC wasting their time with it.

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    Doesn't matter to me. I wouldn't play them anyway. I only played them a couple times just to say that I did and to feel like I got something for the money I payed ELITE.