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Radio Silence/Global Mute Option?

Forget about the honest reasons I suspect this is needed, lets focus on the fact some of us dont want to hear people cursing/insuilting others simply because we entered a team match lobby in the final 10 second countdown and cant navigate to the player lobby list to mute/continue muting others.  If we had an option to start every match with mutes already applied this would help.


Sometimes I have my younger family members in the room (as I believe content is NOT about a silly rating sticker but involvement) and have to scramble to find the TV remote to mute from there.


If this cannot be done, please... let us know EXACTLY why?

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    Hello 1Re78GS234,


    What platform are you playing MW3 on?

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      The PS3.  And please dont come back telling me how to mute individual players.  Im very familiar with how to mute each and every toon, but if I join a game with the 10 second count down, we cant navigate to the player list (after teams are decided).


      It would be much easier to be able to start EACH AND EVERY MATCH with mute already applied.  While Im waiting for ATVI to consider this, maybe tell me which ports I can block at my router to stop chat/VoIP?


      Not to mention, occasionally a toon comes in that cant be muted... if we had a Radio Silence selction (or global mute) and this happened we would know without a doubt someone was upto no good.  Not to mention if this was an option, I would stop having to scramble for the remote (or cover younger ears) to mute while the game loads.  Iv never reported anyone for swearing in this game, after all we are told its not rated during online play for that exact reason.  I do report offensive player/clan names.  Im not concerned about what people say... people gotta talk smak and thats great.  I talk the best smak there is but also lay it down when needed... OORAH USMC!!!

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        Hi 1Re78GS234,


        I wasn't going to say anything about forwarding ports, just wanted to get the right amount of information so I can forward all of this for feedback.  Thank you for your military service!

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          Sorry, some other forums and the way they are handled keep us rather defensive.  I must say this forum is better than most.


          The reason I wasnt concerned about which platform I use is this should be implemented for all platforms this game runs on.  Im sure others on a PC or XBox are getting tired of it as well.


          Anyhow, to provide all the information I can for you:


          Playstation 3 is my platform of choice right now.  FreeForAll isnt as bad because I can still navigate to the player menu during the 10 second countdown, but again, if its a match just ending, or starting that I just joined, it takes a bit of effort.  While I do use the VoIP line at times, I would also like the ability to mute all chat, if I so choose.


          ....not to be conceited, more convinced, your welcome.

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    Especially after last night and today!!!