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Can SomeOne Please Explain Why On Earth I'm getting Put In To foriegn lobbies?

Hello all


I am from the UK and i play on the PS3 and PC and i get put in to foriegn lobbies every single game and so do my friends,i have my firewall down when i'm on the PS3(but up when on PC),i have all the correct ports open,i have recently started to drop out from lobby search if the games aren't 0-50 ping,me and my freinds have tried changing who is party leader to see if any change but its the same every single game.


Please ghandi or a community member can you shed some light on this issue or tell me of a fix?


Playing with Germans Iraqi's and people 500000 bazillion miles away from me is unacceptable and the game has become stupidly unplayble due to this totaly silly logicless problem,why haven't the DEVS inplemented the LOCAL only button like we had in Black Ops?


I am at a loss with this.


P.S i shot a guy last night in Hardcore with the MSR rifle(about 3 feet away) and got a hit marker LOL


Thanks in advance for info