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Looking to join a clan (PS3)

Just recently left my clan due to the way my members turned out and instead of instantly trying to redo it all I figure I try and just join a clan instead.


First off I am trying to join a clan that doesn't rage or get mad very easily. Trying to win and maybe even winning it hard is cool thats what I like but raging when your streak gets messed up kinda kills the fun mood. So a fun laid back clan would be nice.


Time for the important stuff.


IGN: Seytai

KDR: 2.27

Win/Loss 2.0+

I use a verity of guns: MAC, FAMAS, AK-47, Commando, AUG, L9 or PSG when I am in the mood to really mess around.


I mainly only use three perks: Hardline, Slight of Hand and Hacker.


One last thing you should know is I am rather reckless. I run out in the open looking for a fight, Not that I win everyone or that I'm cocky I just hate having to go looking for someone and find myself dying by a camper.