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looking for new community members

Hello gamers,



I'm SilverStarke from http://www.Gaming-Solutions.com and i'm looking for gamemanagers, pr managers and (few) other admins for a new huge community project.

It's a post in a new forum  for me to give everybody the chance to be a part of it. (if it is placed in the wrong topic, i'm sorry please move it to the correct one.)



I can hear you think, "yeah right, another gaming community. there are thausends of it."

well thats right! but this one is magic!

With the advantage of owning 2 hosting companies myself (which will totally support the community) there is no need to pay money by yourself, no need to look for sponsors to keep it all up and running,... just having fun and/or playing games etc


It's a public / open community, I'm not looking for squads or teams to play matches for my companies.

I'm just looking for some very mature admins and managers who have some spare time and are willing to be a part of this new project.

It's recommanded to have experience in the game you want to be a part of, and have some free time available over a long period of time.



please help me, together we can make the community where everybody will look at to be part of it!



Kind regards




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