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Yesterday I was playing a game of TDM and a fascinating thing happened. Something so out of the ordinary I was rendered speechless. It's never happened to me before and I doubt it will ever happen again...I experienced for the first time, in my life, lag


Seriously though, this lag was terrible. everyone had a one bar connection and the host (I'm assuming) had a two bar. This went on for half the match and finally we went into host migration but when we came out of it the connection was barely any better. This time around most people still had a one bar and a handful of others had a two


My question here is why isn't there some built-in mechanism that automatically ends a game in progress if lag is at a certain point for an extended period of time. I can't honestly think of one person that would be upset on getting kicked from a poorly functional game. Give matches a killswitch and end the suffering



From now on I'm going to try and ask a random question so the members of the forum can get to know each other a little better. I understand there are off topic rules in place so please, before you post a response to the random question contribute a productive response to the above topic. Also when answering the random question alter the color of your text to make it clearly visible where one topic ends and the other begins

Question: Who's you favorite superhero?

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    I've ran into this during this weekend of playing.  Most of the match I was at 1-2 bars, host migrate, still 1-2 bars, host migrate again, same thing...host migrate a third time and I get dropped from the game.  annoying when you pay almost $150 a month for cable/internet, I know it's not my connection but the idiot that's stealing their connection from the Starbucks 2 floors below them...


    Can't change my font color...maybe something that only the OP can do but to answer your second question mine is and will always be The Hulk.  Such a badass, I just wish sometime I could rage out like him when some **** cuts me off in traffic and then give ME the bird....

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      It's sad really, and every time it happens I just turn the game off and hope next time I will have more luck


      I think that would go badly for more than just the guy who cut you off lol.