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    i dont use UAV's often and i almost always have assasin on for those who do. i wouldnt call that person a camper, a red dot chaser maybe but thats not camping guy. head glitching? a camper always chooses a high traffic area, preferably one that has more than one way in or out. so the people that run back and forth in that room in hardhat are patroling as well? or how about the guy that runs into that room in seatown or bootleg? the paint room in arkaden? the house in resistence? what about that hallway in lockdown?


    i certainly do comprehend tactics, i wouldnt consider running back and forth in one place much of a tactic, especially when there is a motion sensor down and you know whats coming. camping requires very little in the way of tactics or comprehension, i mean you are just waiting around wether on your knees or in the same spot, for the enemy to come to you.


    the person coming for the camper is the one who has to figure out the best way to get into that area being "patroled" to get the kill and not get killed again and again. unfortunately the cod community in a nutshell camps a hell of alot. i come across at least two or three in a lobby, so bad they will often camp the same area and not even know it, tactics and comprehension indeed......

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    Honestly, watching this doesn't scream "Camper" to me. Its a Free For All match, random spawns all over the place, why would he run like a maniac around the board? He chose instead to keep his focus on a high traffic area of the map. He did so not by head glitching or sitting in a corner, but by sweeping back and forth and seeking out opponents. I would question the other players in the match more than him, wondering why if they knew he was down there, they didn't go after him?


    To me, Camping is sitting in one place and waiting for someone to come to you. Usually involves head-glitching over a box, crouching in a dark corner, or laying down in said dark corner or a grassy area waiting for someone to pass by. Unless you are escaping an engagement, pausing to reload, or putting out a killstreak, there is no excuse for sitting in corners. The other quality of a camper is a dogged determination to get to one particular spot on a map. Those are the worst, for their teammates as well, because you can kill them over and over again as they strive to get back to that same spot. Will never forget a game on Hazard in Black Ops, one guy was determined to be in that center scorers tower. He would go in, put a Tac Insert, and snipe out of it. He killed me once, I went back and killed him. Realized he had a tac insert, waited and killed him again. I left, then killed him on his way back there. He proceeded to go back, I killed him and got him again when his Tac Insert dropped him in. This continued throughout the match, I think I got something like 14 kills off this one guy, still not sure what he was thinking. But that, to me, is the camper mentality. They have to have one spot and use it as a crutch.


    Some campers are more "advanced" and those tend to be the most frustrating. They will get a kill sitting in a corner, then move to another corner, and so on and so forth. I think these are the most maddening, because they are tricky to get revenge on.


    In team modes, I don't see a problem with a team holding down an area of the map. It takes a lot of coordination to do so, and the other team has to coordinate their attack to break through that line. For example, on Mission, I don't see finding a spot at the top of the hill near the church overlooking the dirt hill as camping. You are covering a large area and a potential high traffic area, as well as disrupting a potential attack route.


    I don't see a problem patrolling an area of the map like this commentator is doing. Dome is a frenetic map with horrible spawns, he didn't sit behind the Satellite dishes, cower in a dark corner of the dome, or lay down under a desk in the warehouse, he was constantly moving. Sucked for the guys who spawned into him, but thats the nature of the map, unfortunately. There are certain maps and certain modes where gameplay like this is the best tactic.

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    campers really dont do that much to conceal themselves. they want you to know where they are, thats why they move from corner to corner, you know where they are. they are counting on you to come back, being in a different corner now. you die again looking for them in their former spot. perfect example in bootleg someone is always camping that room at the top of the stairs. move into the corner behind the boxes, get a kill, move to the corner at the top of the steps, get a kill, move to the corner to the left of the door get a kill...wash, rinse, repeat. i know where you are and you sure as hell aint trying to concel it. the camper needs you to know where he is so you can come back and get them....if you can.


    i agree with the new definitions being nonsense though, camping, patroling, holding down an area blah blah blah.....its still the same thing you in one spot waiting for someone to come into your area. kneeling, prone or moving its still the same spot. its called camping because you are constantly in the same spot. makes me no diff, thats what tubes and rockets are for, the perfect anti camping load out. if no one comes into the area, no kills for you.

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    ho hum, yet another if you know where im at why dont you kill me? or running around like a maniac. why would you do that? of course you are going to die running around like a maniac. i run around with a purpose. run and gun and cover, why does the camper always say, am i supposed to run around and die like a chicken with its head cut off? ummmm no you are not. so is that the only other way to play? run around like a maniac? so running around in the same spot waiting for someone to get you rather than kneeling in the same spot? the only difference is the movement. its still the same spot. you contradict yourself too much guy. in your scenario the guy in hazard was in the same spot, uh last i looked that bunker was the same spot, the only seeking was from one exit to the next. thats not seeking anything thats waiting in the same spot motion sensor at the ready for all those who come into your area. for you to seek something you have to go get it not wait for it.


    i agree patroling is ideal for team based games objective games are the best for it. patroling b and c and preventing your flag from being capped is your best chance at success. the other players probably didnt go for him because it was probably one of those im making a you tube video matches, dont go hard im trying to make a good vid. i would have been down there the first time he killed me and i wouldnt have showed up on the radar either. shoot a few concussions down there followed by a rocket or tube and its dead camper! smores!

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    spend some tokens on an mp7 and a portable, a type too. i couldnt really tell if it was picked up or if it was overkill, they both had the same camo which i like to do as well using overkill....but i digress.......pick a spot throw out that portable and you too can be just as good.

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    Pretty sure you never looked at my stats, you'd see I am not a camper lol. Just offering my definition of what I see as camping. Personally, I know that if I were in the match with this guy, I would have found a way to kill him, even if it took me 10 deaths to do so. I've never used a portable radar and have no plans to, never used a heartbeat sensor beyond trying to get challenges for my guns, and only have a trophy on my Sniper Class.. my 1 sniper class lol.


    How am I contradicting myself. This player was covering an entire area of a map.The person I described in my story went to ONE SPOT over and over again and even looked in ONE direction once he got there. He wasn't trying to cover an area, he was taking one spot and sitting there. In this video, the player was moving back and forth, watching traffic and covering attack routes. He didn't lay down behind the wall in the bunker, didn't sit in the corner and wait for enemies to run by, didn't even linger too long watching one particular entrance. As for the portable radar.. there are counters for that his enemies could have used. I am a little suspicious of this gameplay only because of the fact nobody came after him, tubed him, threw a flash or a grenade, or even fired a rocket. But if it is legit, I don't consider this gameplay camping. To me, its more shame on his opponents for not taking him out, which they could have done if they had some sort of intelligence.

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    but the only time he moves is to go to another concealed area... to get a new hiding spot... he may want you to think you know where he is... but he never wants you to actually know where he is... and that's the more clever of the camping persuasion... most are dumb enough to just sit in the same spot and wait for me to come back and kill them... some are even dumber and try to go back to that spot again in the same match

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    My personal definition of camping: staying in a corner, hiding behind a wall or object for an extended period of time 30+ seconds. I also consider camping when people stay in one small section of a map for an extended period of time, if not most the match.


    A few Examples - people staying inside dome, the bunker at outpost, the building on bakarra that faces the chopper turret, the buildings the over see the market at sea town(mainly the one with the long hallway). Now if you're running around and come back to that area later, then no I wouldn't consider that camping.

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    I play FFA 90% of the time and i have never used a portable radar..


    IMHO i think the Portable radar is one of the most ***** things you could do in this game..


    i say it would have been ok if you did all that without that stupid Portable Radar..so cheap and OP equipment.

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    Camping is sitting in one spot with a non-sniper rifle weapon. Camping advances when the person moves to another spot and sits there after a kill.

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