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Why Faceoff doesn't deserve a spot in Call of Duty.

Faceoff doesn't belong in Call of Duty first reason because of the name of the game its Call of Duty each player expects to be a super soldier the best of the best along side a team of the best of the best. The name of the game gives the sense that I the player am being called to my duty whether to defeat the enemy in team deathmatch or destroy the objectives in demolition you work along side your op to make things happen and since when does any branch of the military send one or two guys to have a shootout to determine the end result in my knowledge in experience never so if i plan to play a versus game I expect it to be some sort of fighting game to be perfectly honest. This game invites boosting and other forms of cheating to to the game making life just a little harder for the small percentage of legit players left in this game.