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    If you're playing Domination and you have 2 flags while you're winning, you can set up around the enemy spawn and kill them when they try to rush for flags, and that's just how the game is played. But if you're losing and you're doing that, it's pretty much camping.

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    Lol no and come on the Lego Adventures are the best . Just started Harry Potter and is soooo good. /s

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    "Capturing A" ...keeps running away from the flag.

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    I'm going to make a Lego Indiana Jones Montage and post it here just for you.

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    Sitting in a corner, usually with a portable radar. = Camping.


    Holding off a choke point. = Smart Play.

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    for the record, i know not everyone is fortunate enough to have enough people in their clan/friends list online at one time to effectively pull this off but....if you want to beat campers very easily.......figure out where theyre camping, and then just stay on the other side of the map for a couple minutes. from what i have seen, the campers are the ones who want to talk trash about how good they are. so even if they get up by 10 kills, they want to reach the score limit. most campers lack intelligence, so after a while they will come out because they actually think they are good COD players. after they come out, theyre on your turf now, and you shouldnt have any problems killing them

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    Camping to me is sitting in a corner or hidden spot with ur sights already drawn waiting for someone to walk by without a sniper class. If ur doing a sniper class then thats not camping its sniping. A sniper is spose to stay hidden under the radar in a spot for a long period of time. I mean think about it how many snipers are on the front lines in war? They can be sitting in one spot for hours upon hours on end.

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    yeah, but in cod, its too fast paced and snipers just slow it down

    i know that its completely fair, but getting sniped from the back of the map is super frustrating

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    Camping is sitting somewhere the whole time like a *****. They go like 8-2 and barely contribute to the team. They'd rather pad their k/d instead of trying to help the team win.

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    this is how I keep the other team in check. I don't consider it camping, but others probably will.

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