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    he means what he said, i know what im talking about and im a sarcastic son of a gun......what do YOU mean?

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    so in fallen if you kneel in a corner (choose any one) in that room at the top of the stairs, you are a camper. but! if you move to the window, to the door at the stairs and the other door down the path all in that same room, mind you. you are not camping but patroling? really? surely you jest. i call shenanigans......


    in hard hat if you kneel behind the box and face the door towards the pipe and wait you are camping, but if you actually move from that door to the other from up the path you are patroling? patrol these rockets in your face and these tubes at your feet and this bankshot throwing knife off the wall.....

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    Camping to me is defined as follows.


    One who sits in the same spot for more then three kills.  Also many campers use  either a Portable radar and/or trophy sytem, claymore.



    I am not saying people who use those three are always campers but more often then not they only will use these three tactical or Lethal equipment.


    Next it is also a person who tactically move from corner to corner of a room. I don't think what you did was camping however that is borderline considering you saw only 1/10th of the whole map during that gameplay. So to me it could be considered camping. But what you did honestly did not bother me. But i do prefer to see MOAB that look better. Like Pwnstars.com guy he is beastly and moves around the whole entire map all match. I would say he is probably the best player i have seen play.




    Now another thing I hate being called a camper when I am in a corner reloading my  or calling in a Predator missle. and then killing someone from that corner as i am getting done. Also I hate being called a camper by those dam low-lives that just throw out there when you kill them on any part of the map but once you kill soemone 4 times in 4 different parts of the map and called a camper.  Also Snipers are not what i call campers. Most decent snipers stay in a spot to get kills cause it is a sniper. 



    I would say 80% of the people that are campers also use a Shotgun or SMG/



    But that is my opinion imo

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    This is camping at it's worst.  Playing a team game and paying zero attention to the objectives.  Vid is Black Ops, Please give it a dislike. 


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    At least post the right Game!! Here is a corner camper in MW3 probably the most annoying type of camping but would have been better if he had sat a claymore right in front of him.



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    classic. lol

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    Another is the portable radar abuser Sitting right on top of their radar in a nice little corner or hiden spot .



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    Like there is any difference between camping in BO or MW. 

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    No not really apart from this is the MW3 forum :-/

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    Same **** with a different title.  It's not like I posted Lego Indiana Jones.