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Idea to balance Assassin Perk

It's simple:


Split it into Assassin and Cold Blooded (invisible to thermal and hearbeat sensors) and make them both a second slot perk.


What do you think?

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    I find assassin fine,the pro perk does a bit much imo but its not massively op. maybe move heartbeat sensor and p/radar to sitrep?


    would have liked to have seen blind eye in the same slot to mix it up but hey ho


    I use assassin 80% of the time or first to get on specialist as constant uav spam is annoying to say the least


    I tried playing a few games with the radar blocked by some  paper to improve my game and stop chasing dots,it did help and made me  notice things I normally wouldnt

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    I dont really find Assassin to be unbalanced its just too good to pass up, but as a DEFENSIVE perk it really doesnt help you get any kills, like Quickdraw or Hardline. If you want to equalize the 2nd perk tier then buffing the other perks is a better idea, not nerfing Assassin.

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    or learn to play without looking for red dots every sec of you cod life.

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    Make uav a 5 assault streak and 7 support and make them disappear once the creator dies. Way less assassin no doubt. Also add higher cuavs in both point streak sections that counter assassin too (more ways to counter uavs than only using assassin and shooting them down). Actually only making uavs disappear when the creator dies would see less of assassin. They can't really balance assassin in this game, support streaks are way too easy to get.

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    I just had a random idea. Would it make people feel better if Assassin users showed up on the UAV but only for every other sweep of the radar? This would still allow Assassin users to navigate the map stealthily as their position would be drastically different between "UAV blips". This would also help diminish Assassin camping.


    Even though Assassin is a defensive perk you shouldnt be able to just lay back and get easy kills all day long. You should still have to move and relocate when the enemyes pop a UAV up.

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    the only problem with assassin is the amount of pro benefits it gives you, imune to port radar/HBS, thermal, no red name abouve you,imunity to CUAV/EMP its just to much for one perk IMHO what i think they should have done is:


    Assassin keep you off the radar and the Pro version blocks thermal and remove your name


    Dead Silance gets the port radar/HBS imunity


    Sit Rep get the CUAV/EMP imunity


    this way to get a "full ghost" set up you need to sacrifice all three perk slots and it make what i think to bee 2 of the most underused perks some much need usfullness i mean yer DS does stop sound whores hearing you comming and no fall damage is nice but compared to tighter hipfire and faster ADS movment its really kinda usless in the bigger picture and Sit Rep is made almost obsolete by stalker pro, why would you need to see enemy mines when you can run strate past them.

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      This makes sense, they should split up the perk better for their next game. I hope blops2 goes that way on ghost, just those 3 basics, every other perk only has 2 / 3 advantages. Same for the slower sweep on uavs, make them harder to get say 5 killstreaks instead of 3 like now on blops, but also make assassin / ghost only slow down the sweep say 3x times, unless the player has the specialist bonus, specialist should be added to blops2 obviously.

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    Here's how I think they should balance it, since we're putting out ideas:


    1st - Reduce the UAV usage. Make it a 5 Kill Streak, Support Only.


    2nd - Remove HBS/Portable Radar and other equipment that gives away your position


    3rd - Balance the tier that it's in so that people like to use other perks also. Currently, there's just no reason to use the other perks because Assassin is so much better.


    Do all of those things and maybe you'll see less Assassin users. The perk itself is fine however.