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LoOking for a new clan ps3

I need a new clan I tried makin one with some friends it didn't turn out I am18 and I am an all around player any game mode I'll play it the best I can my psn Id is jaxster51 shoot me in invite friend request message or else

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    come here bud http://topflightgaming.enjin.com/home


    say whopper sent you

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    Class M Gaming Wants You!


    We are currently recruiting both casual and competitive gamers for our community, all skill levels are welcome. If you PLAY TO WIN, you're welcome to start a competitive squad or tryout for an existing one!Our mission has and always will be to provide an excellent and stable gaming environment for members of the community to enjoy and benefit from.


    Our clan plays a variety of game modes, including: TDM, Kill Confirmed, Domination, etc.


    ATTN: We're also accepting clan mergers into our community, and are looking for leadership for all platforms.



    Supported Console Games:

    Armored Core 5 [Xbox]

    Modern Warfare 3 [PS3|Xbox|PC]

    Battlefield 3    [PS3|Xbox|PC]

    Gears of War 3 [Xbox]

    Halo:Reach [Xbox]


    What we can offer you:

    +High quality website & forum

    +Competitive teams <-Tryouts only.

    +Community for 15+ games over 3 platforms

    +Leadership opportunities

    +Product/Game reviews (Coming Soon)

    +Youtube channel


    +At least 13 years of age (16+ to join staff)

    +Team Players

    +Working Headset/Mic

    +Willingness to maintain activity in the community


    If you’re interested in joining our community, register an account athttp://www.classmgamer.com and then go to Apply -> Membership to fill out an application!


    Contact Information:


    Skype: Miss.Vendetta