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New Clan Looking For Members

Hello i have just started a new Elite Clan on PS3 and am trying to find some people to join there is NO REQUIREMENTS to join im just looking for people that like to play and play to win.


im looking for anyone from hardcore gamers to laid back gamers.


we will be participating in clan ops as frequently as possable but if you do not wish to join in or cant do to time isseues that is ok and will NOT get you kicked


i am also hoping to level up the clan as quickly as possable to unlock clan percks


the clan name is WEAP0N X

(in weapon the o is a zero)


if interestered and would like to look or join you can find the clan on the Call Of Duty Elite App for PS3


you can contact me my contact info is below


email - mastercoden@yahoo.com

PSN - coden420

COD tag - coden420


or you can post your cod tag on this foram thread and i will send an invite to join


thank you