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    its campish that but not as bad as getting a kill in one corner and moving to opposite corner

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    i dont think any of his buddies made it down there for nare one of his 25 kills, so i think its safe to assume the type was his. they type 95 where its 95% the gun.....

  • 52. Re: Define: Camping.

    it was picked up.

  • 53. Re: Define: Camping.

    Your gameplay was kind of campy but I play FFA the same way because it's the only way to do well consistently. Also to say that someone waiting for someone to come around a corner is a camper is a unfair description because if you hear or see someone and wait 5 seconds so you have the upper hand in the battle instead of running up to them and giving them the chance to win is just playing smart not camping. Keep in mind I generally would wait for someone in S&D because you only have one life and you have to use it wisely.

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    At the times when you would sit in the dome behind the wire spools you were camping but its dome so your options are play slow /(camp) or die all the time from terrible spawns and akimbo FMG's.

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    First of all many people are saying campers wait for their prey. No, waiting indicates you know someone is coming, if you know someone is coming and you dont have the best close combat weapon by no means should you jump out the corner like superman and increase your chances to get killed by some stupid PP90M1 with steady aim, simply wait for them to pass and get the kill. NOT CAMPING
    Camping is sitting in a corner HOPING someone goes by to kill them. but controlling areas of a map like a building isnt really camping because your're simply decreasing the chances of you getting killed by some god awful IW spawn.


    And to actually comment on your game in no way at all was that camping, by going back and forth in the same area u decrease ur chances of getting killed by some stupid spawn, and u almost did a couple of times, if a non sniper spawned there, bye bye moab

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    i actually agree with that, if you know for a fact someone is coming and you wait for them, thats not camping. soundwhoring someone and waiting by the doorway isnt camping at all

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    you guys man, i mean really....superman? why is it the ony other way to play is to be stupid? its stupid to jump out like superman, its stupid to run around like a maniac, its stupid to run and gun with no regard for your surroundings. why is this always the counter i hear? you too contradict yourself, first you say camping is not waiting then say campers wait for their prey. hope? its a game about killing no matter where you set up shop someone is bound to come your way.


    that IS very smart to wait for someone to pass then get them. why wouldnt you? duh. in refrence to campers waiting, they bank on you coming back for revenge. they are in the same spot/corner and once you kill them, they are WAITING for you to come for some payback. which is me in a nutshell. i ALWAYS come back to the scene of the crime/campsite. so i know if you by happenstance or a cowinky dink end up in the same spot/corner/area again and again. i love campers though, easy kills for a scrub like me. there is more than one way to skin a camper. 


    so i have to agree when it begins to rain? since it seems we only speak when its the same. so yeah guy i think you were using a variation of camping with your buddies in the same lobby for your oh so awesome moab. i got mine the same way. patroling the cave in village. though it wasnt my friends that filled the lobby. smores to ya. love the way you take advantage of the spawn in the bunker killing people then running to the spawn hoping thats their spawn point, you are the-man. btw why post your vid on an xbox forum when you play ps3?

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    whoa... did you just accuse me of boosting?

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    I don't, I won't acknowledge the word "camping", I prefer to think of it as strategic placement. To better protect myself from attacks by the..................headless chicken fighter (player). ;-)

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