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    Multiplayer Only


    1. Keep theater mode like it was in black ops with new and added features thanks.


    2. absolutley no second chance, last stand, or final stand or any variation of them lol. but second chance with the revive system was awesome though. but these features should already be incorporated in the character some how. and can they or no.


    3. bring back the diving feature please and keep private match like it was in black ops but with newly added features lol.


    4. And clan support game modes instead of just a bunch of random play list. I.W. is doing a poor job of this lol.


    5. combine elite in the game that way every clan will know even more about clan operations and challenges lol.


    6. more fun out of interactive Kill Streaks and Point Streaks,


    7. can we get more creative with the perk system or maybe we can try to create our own lol.


    8. more map play and leveling more guns and epic kill cams.


    9. awesome knifing animations (sneaking up on them from behind and slicing the enemies throat lol.


    10. give us that war feel like world at war and black ops did. mw2 did the same until it got ruined lol.


    11. More customization's for weapons and maps, make the game more tactical.


    12. more game modes or maybe we can create our own that would be awesome like beable to combine game modes together lol.


    13. make the games rocket or noob tubing system harder to use lol. Oh more maps like jungle lol.

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    Would like it if people didn't have Ninja built in.

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    Dear 3arch, these are the things I would change about Blops and what I would like to see in blops2


    Your game black ops, overall is decently balanced. You would think. Then why does everybody rock auto ars. They stand out. Why? You made most smgs even in their cqb zone shoot marshmallows, while 2 ars have their fire rate and need a bullet less to kill. The only two smgs that really get used are the ak74u *a hybrid ar and the mp5k. Because they can actually kill people after 3 hits in their zone, scorpion lacking real 2 hit kill range, knifing range really. At least over 70 % of the kills are made by auto ars, especially when you include the 74u. That’s retarded, that’s not balance, especially since the 74u is a hybrid ar in reality..


    How to balance ars. Keep them like they are, bar for the FamasAug. Just don’t give an ar that fire rate, power and accuracy >(famas) combo, it’s game ruining. Nerf their fire rates to 820. They would still be good all-rounders but not OP. Little tweaks don’t help much just nerf the insane fire rate of the famas and aug. They can fire faster than the galil, 47 and commando but not smg like ffs. This should be obvious..


    SMGs. Give every smg 3 hit kill ability cqb (first 10 meters, its around 18 meters for the 74u & mp5k), actually rewarding people for playing head on and cqb with those guns, actually having a better chance cqb than ars. * RF attachment should reduce that 3 hit kill range by 25 %, much like silencers.


    Shotguns, need more attachments (speed reloader for the Olympia for instance), the only really effective one is the automatic silenced Spas. Next to more attachments The pumps need a bit more 3 pellet kill range & 2 pellet kills with a damage attachment cqb to actually get used above the spas, auto ars and rf smgs.


    Snipers; are fine how they are now, next to Second Chance Pro kill steals. Just add a less initial sway P for snipers in blops2.


    LMGs; are fine too, especially the stoner and m60, they are just not that popular for their lack of movement speed and relatively slow ads speed.


    Perk balance; 3 perks standout in black ops imo. 1 Ghost Pro. 2 Flak Jacket Pro and 3 Second Chance Pro of course


    Split up ghost to Ghost parts to Blind eye and Remove the glitchy game ruining perk SC pro for blind eye pro.


    Ghost; undetectable to thermal and uavs, pro no name tag when targeted. Uavs should also disappear once the creator dies. The easier it’s to spam uavs, the more people will use ghost.

    Blind eye; undetectable by enemy killstreaks, pro 2x faster lock on, like said replace it with second chance pro.


    Flak jacket Pro, first off make it so that when people attach free little preds aka GLs, they have to give up a tier one perk like in cod4, then nerf Flak jackets effectiveness a bit, but also nerf nades radiation in generally which now are bombs, you basically now have to run flak to not get tubed or randomly naded. Explosives should only be effective with good aim, not randomness.


    Things you should add from mw3 & in general


    - Stalker pro (awesome)

    - No second chance pro perk (& keep your no deathstreaks policy please)   

    - Point streaks (rewarding objective and team play). No Support though. Please Keep streaks similar to how they are now, with specialist streaks added.

    - 25 Gun streak Moab

    - Add an express playlist with small to mid sized maps fast paced maps from the start

    - P’s, however only add kick to LMGs as their last P, same with damage only to shotguns. Give every class a specific last unlocked P, the p for smgs should be Range and snipers 25 % less sway for instance.

    - Make local only the default settings (& do not make hosting shi-t, this will ruin your game and see people mess with their settings and Internet constantly)

    - Keep the same sniper ads speed you have now (no, qdraw / soh pro ads speed for snipers)

    - Remove the lunge, only give people rocking a ballistic knife a little lunge, the default knife should just do a sweep and be about stealth, not free ohk panic knifes

    - Derank a big amount XP / lvl when people leave say every 5 games

    - Add KC (focus more on the tags though, don't rewarded people not taking tags point streaks, let them play tdm)

    - Keep theater like it's aka good.

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