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Treyarch, make damn sure that the PS3 and PC versions are the same as Xbox 360.


Treyarch, what can I say? I'll never forget all the frustrating moments that I spent on Black ops PS3 system while hearing that the 360 version was just fine and dandy when compared to PS3 and PC. Also loved how the superior version got the DLC first and what not. Why? What gave you the right to just do that? To just downgrade the PS3 and PC versions to make a profit? How dare you? It sure made me glad to hear that the PS3 development lead or whatever got fired. Can't say that I feel sorry for him. It was up to him to get the job right and he fracked it up. Good riddance.


Did you know, Treyarch, that a group called Gamers' Voice reported Activision to the Office of Fair Trading because they heard about all the problems plaguing PC and PS3, while Xbox was sitting pretty?


This is a quote from one of their members.


"in the case with CODBLOPS, entire sections of the PS3 and PC gaming community are apparently being used as game testers for an extended period after a game's release, yet being asked to pay for the privilege.


That's exactly how I and many others felt about the failed version of the PS3/PC.


Now, obviously the case didn't go anywhere (espionage, anyone?) but it wouldn't suprise me if the same thing happened in Black Ops II. So you had better live up to your good standards and make them all EQUAL.


Because, after all, who watches the watchers?

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    hey, i feel your frustration man as a fellow PS3 gamer! Wow, someone seems to know a lot about this, so i'll try not to look like an ignorant tit! However, I don't see the XBOX version being able do this in the future if CoD upgrades to the newer technologies seen in other games. XBOX is behind the PS3 and PC on the technology race, XBOX uses old skool '03 tech, PS3 used top of the range experimental tech from '05, which only came more common place 2 years after, so there is like a 4 year technology a gap, thats slowly widening. Anyway, there is rumours of a PS4 coming out in 2 years or something like that. Anyway, XBOX seems to like playing it safe and using old tech, whereas Sony like experimenting with new tech to get ahead. Anyway, as i was saying, If treyarch have upgraded to newer tech, XBOX systems will start to struggle to run as fast as PS3 or PC systems, which isn't treyarch's fault. And XBOX only purchased the rights to the DLCs 1 month before the others because they know their weaknesses, and that they are on a losin side of this battle, so I cannot see it happening again, at least not without a revolt from the platforms