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    I totaly agree, this is most likely why I can't get high kill streaks.

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    What's been everyone's experience like since the matchmaking update?


    I appeared to have been positively impacted, several days of great games. A few BS moments here and there, but nothing like before. It seemed pretty consistent match to match, day to day. Whereas before, I never knew what it would be like no matter what time of day.


    Then tonight happens and its back to square one. Same ole BS only over and over again, lobby after lobby after lobby. Apparently beasted by scrubs going 15-25, yet to me its like going against SandyRavage.


    Something is wrong when you are the one ADS at a corner and you get beaten by someone who has time to stop RUNNING, raise their weapon and drop you. Or you are using Quickdraw and get beaten in a straight up surprise gunfight by someone with Assassin.



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    It's still pretty bad.


    The amount of times I get OHK with automatics is absolute crap. And the killcam doesn't even show me firing the 10 rounds I put into a guy at center mass. It's very annoying.

    The opposite is also as annoying. I can definitely tell if I'm getting a lot of compensation over the enemies. It's like they have delayed reaction time. They just sit there and wait to get shot at.


    Also I was just wondering. Are the hit makers client side? If yes, that doesn't even make sense. The server should send hit marker info back to the client instead. It's very misleading to get 6 hit makers at close range with a PP90M1.

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    To MW3 developers, I have one thing to say.  Stop trying to fix the game.  If you fix it any more I think I'm going to just start using the disc as a coaster.  The gameplay was nearly perfect when I bought it, and with every supposed fix it has gotten progressively worse.  I understand what you are trying to accomplish is very difficult and someone will always get the short end of the stick.  However the guy with a 15ms ping and zero packet loss shouldn't be the one getting shafted.  If people with low quality connections had a bad experience when the game first came out, screw em.  That's like driving a ferrari though a muddy field and complaining about the handling.

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    Have they said WHEN they are going to do this???? (add location filter).

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    Still same issues. It's June. Sad.


    The other night i saw an enemy approching, got behind cover and pulled out my RPG.

    I proceeded to aim my RPG at the corner of the cover I was behind. Now, I proceed around the cover out into the open, my enemy enters my sights, I fire. RPG hits cover, I die.

    I was a good 3 steps ahead of what the game can see. On my screen I was clearly out in the open, not even in motion anymore, but my RPG found a way back in "time".

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    to me, started to open sarcastic threads over  issues like this or also about the ridiculous spawnsystem...but it's more nice to see that you took some time to investigate and create a clip, which shows this problem with worthy facts and more informative, thanks also from me for your effort, as i ask myself toooo often, if there's anything more than stupid lag in this game...


    don't know, but never got so much frustrated over a game, as i got by playing BO and now mw3...lag, spawnsystem, unintelligent created vests, i guess, that was simply too much, as i believe that even the vest-problem is even bigger problem due to lag...


    as said, thanks for your effort, as i hope something gets done against these annoying issues...

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    I experience this problem so much and it completely RUINS the game honestly the ONLY reason i play this game is because my friends do otherwise it would be BF3 all day everyday but id rather play with friends. i agree with the logic of lag compensation but until they can get it working PERFECTLY then it should not be in the game it ruins the game completly. the game itself isn't all the bad when i take a step back and look but while playing its the WORST game i've ever played.

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    I'm very thankful for the continued support on this thread and the original video.


    It's frustrating that we are almost halfway through July and the game is still the same as it was when I made this video in March.

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    Yes, its very sad.  All my friends have sold their copies and move to Ghost Recon or back to Black Ops.