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    As the two above have done. ISP, Ping test to a server over 200 miles away, your location, and whom it seems you being put into lobbies with..

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    I don't normally complain, however someone MUST KNOW that the latest update has made lag worse especially I now experience "screen jumping" where you will be running in one place and suddenly appear back where you were seconds ago.  This in particular makes the game almost unplayable and quite frankly NOT MUCH FUN TO PLAY!


    Live in Michigan.  Premium (top of the line) Comast Cable Internet.  PSN (PS3).  NAT type: Open.


    Before this update I would normally get into games with <50 ping (top right corner of screen) as it searches for games.  NOW AFTER UPDATE I always end up in a <75 or <100 ping games.  Oddly enough many of them seem to live in another country.  I thought latest update was to make things more local? 


    I am getting near the point where I may decide to find another FPS series other than COD to play daily because the fun factor has dimished significantly.


    Ping test 300 miles away is below:  Pingtest rated it as an "A".




    My internet ping test appears to be excellent, yet after this update has been made much worse with "screen jumping" and also seem to be playing with more people from other countries!

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    This is the kind of detail needed.

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    over 1000 miles








    I don't see any local players at all yeah i can ping over euro in under 50ms and thats probably why. Its not that i don't like people from outside the uk but whats the point if i carn't understand them its not as much fun


    And as for the lag i have none at all if i keep my nat type on moderate it all runs smooth

    when i put it on open then become host i can be up to 1-2 secs behind insta deaths and the worst is the skipping framerate when someone leaves the game and someone new joins also feels like iam running in mud.


    So for me i will leave my nat type on moderate which my mates hate because when i host all the lobby have 4 green bars and they say it runs so smooth for them shame really losing alot of good hosts because of this.

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    I had a positive WTF this weekend. I was running around and everything was going great. I was shooting people my fair share and they were dying, and when I got shot I could tell I got outplayed.


    I thought to myself..."Wow I go a good connection to the host for once".


    Then a friend sent me an invite and decided to leave the game...HOST MIGRATION!


    I was actually the host and was not suffering from host lag (at least to my detection).



    On the negative side:


    9/10 times when I am not the host I have 2-3 bars.  As well I still can barely get into games <100ms ping (although the number of times I can has increased noticeably)

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    Here's are my details and feedback,


    I live in the UK (Scottish, Highlands) with my service provided by BT, at the moment my bandwidth stands at 7meg down - 360k up. The telephone exchange is in the process off being upgraded to a 21CN infrastructure and when complete (End July) i will have upto 20meg down - 1 meg up (ADSL 2).


    For the record Broadband is only available through BT operated services in my area, Cable services i.e Virgin stop 200+ miles away from me with little or no chance off that changing within the next 10 years+


    I can Ping london which is at the opposite end off the country in under 45ms....




    I never got host in Black ops, it happened very rarely in MW2 but my career in that started 5mths after Black Ops.


    I am unsure if i ever pulled host pre 1.14 patch as i dont leave games since i always play in a party off 3 or more (usually full).


    Since the patch i am Host ALOT, even more so if i am the party leader..




    I now regularly see myself with 4 bars and the rest off the lobbie on 3, I have to sit and watch it for upto 30sec as most players jitter in and out off 4 bars.


    I've started to test if i'm host by leaving games randomly mid/end off match regardless if i went 20-0 or 5-10 - winning/loosing.. i get the migration screen alot.




    My thoughts on Host....


    pre 1.14 i really dont think i ever pulled host at all... and solo playing was good 80% off the time..


    Solo playing now seems to give me host which equals insta deaths, shot around corners etc etc.. so i no longer play alone anymore..




    How do i know i'm host...


    Search for a game if i enter a lobbie and players appear to join after me to full it up i am 100% without doubt host. I have tested this countless times while playing solo and in a party by leaving the game..


    Does MW3 check you upload bandwitdth to determin the best host..??? it cant, i play with guys who have bandwitdh that in most cases is double or even 10x better than mine..




    Do I like host?? yeah its growing on me... it still needs tweaked in the matchmaking department as when those french players enter the lobbie i tend not to have a very nice time..

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    It is supposed to check upload. Although I notice that sometimes when I play Infant clearly tell they picked the wrong host.

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    ps3/party of 5-6/domination


    this has been happening since the latest patch, @ around 3 am pst, we are unable to find matches in our region, we are still getting paired up with uk players and its taking just as long if not longer than the old patch to find suitable games.

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    I can't upload my speed tests or anything.  I'm at work right now.  But I can definitively state that after the last update, I can play SOLO just fine.  No lag, good connection, great games.  Join a party or start one...that's where the trouble begins.  All of a sudden the games are laggy, frame rate will studder, you know....all the norm.


    So, for me it's like they made some improvements on only the SOLO match making.  Yes, I can have good games with my team now, but more often than not we are complaining about the lag and this is with getting into <75 ping lobbies....

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    I'm exactly the same.  Solo games are way better.  Team games have been bad but I wonder how much of it is me being host.  Because if I'm in a team, I can't quit out to find out.