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  • 60. Re: Define: Camping.

    Camping to me has many forms. You can camp an AREA and watch all entrances to it over and over and kill everyone running at you. And same with patrolling. The going back and forth with equipment aid and still only watching an area. To meeeeee if you don't use the entire map and run around... you're camping. If you moved from the bunker to the dome and back and forth between the two, then you're camping.


    Sure, tactically it's rushing between two high traffic areas, but that's exploiting those high traffic areas for kills. And that is still camping.


    A lot of times I try to get out of a spot that isn't even a hub for traffic... Like I'll kill someone, reload and turn around and someone else is shooting at me. I kill them turn around to the way I came and try to get out that way, and two more people show up and I kill them too. I continue running in THAT direction and run into more people. It's weird.


    Oh. And also, it's considered camping by your heatmap. There are walls/area indicators and if you never leave it... Obviously you're camping. I still think it's a cheap way to kill.

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