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stingers you did it again.....


To anyone else out who use stingers. This has to have happened to you at least once.


so you're 1 or 2 kills away from your next streak, you're thinking " I'm on roll",then you see 3 guys running towards you. You know you won't take out all 3 so you duck in cover in wait for them to pass (like the sneaky bastard you are) so you take them from behind. Now you're crouched behind some box or wall thinking "hahaha I got you's now", when out of no where 3 nades land on head and a hail of bullet fly over your head. Now you're thinking " how, how did they see me?" so you jump out only to be sprayed down like some sence from platoon. So now all you can do is watch to killcam to see what happened. And there it is. Your stinger. It sticks out so much it looks like the chimney on a leprechaun's house. Now it's back to drawing board all because of the massive pipe you strapped to your back. I can't be the only one this happens too