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Zombie Ideas coming from top 100 players on xbox and ps3!


Hey guys I'm CYSF FALCON. I am a zombie player with a very good background in zombies with levels reaching 50+ on multiple maps. The reason of this discussion is that I am friends with multiple zombies players on both platforms that have ranks as low as 43. I have over 10 friends on both platforms that are top 100 players and a few more friends that are top 1000 players like me. I still actively play with many of these players and we have discussed ideas for the upcoming zombies maps. I want to share some and share more on this thread in the future. Ill start with 10 and add more later and feel free to comment and like or diss like our ideas. Also if you want to play with me or a few friends message me at CYSF FALCON, I am also the clan leader of CYSF with 100+ members and level 27 on elite. but here's the list


  1. If the game is similar to lets say black ops zombies, have a perk to buy for like 10.000 points that allows you to purchase all available perks for one down (you dont recive all the perks for 10,000 but what this perk does is allows you to buy more than four perks at a time unlike the 4 perk limit on B.O.).
  2. Say you reach level 25, have a perk machine appear for players that reach this round, This is for serious players that plan to go a long game. Have that machine cost 50,000 points (we usually run around with 100,000+ points to spare so that's no big deal) and if you buy this perk it gives you all perks without having to go to each individual machine.
  3. Another perk Idea is a perk that you buy for around 10,000 that if you go down and you are revived that you don't loose all your perks, just that one perk.
  4. Have a solo leaderboard for gameplay, but don't make it available until a month after the game is released becuse it would be full of people that used glitches, buy time to fix it before making that leader board.
  5. For players who play in a two player match (if you are a serious player you usually play two player due to shorter rounds) and have the jerk who plays to round 28 or so and backs out, allow the remaining player to continue, or if its 4 players and that persons host, allow it to pick a new host. (I've played 1000 times where the host gets in a new game and deside's to go to bed and ends the game for everyone)
  6. Have more than one Easter egg on differnt maps, Like have a all perks Easter egg, but a differnt one for something special, like double points for and entire round or something like that.
  7. I like this one. say you get to the high rounds like 38 and you have a whole lot of points 200,000 and no where to spend it. Have a machine like pack a punch that is sort of like a slot machine, You pay a set amount of points say 25,000 and it gives you a random perk like unlimited ammo for a round of your choice, or double points for an entire round.
  8. Make each map where every player can kill zombies past a high round. like on accention you could use traps to kill witch is fine but on maps like sang RI la and moon, if you didn't have the super weapon or it was empty once you got to the 40+ rounds its basically impossible to kill them.
  9. Don't have wasted space, Make the whole map playable. Some maps just had places that were useless, like tunnel 11 on moon or the whole map on moon bellow the power room, or the speed cola room on accention, just wasted space really.
  10. Last some sort of pause system, sometimes your controller goes dead or you get thirsty in those 5-10 hour games have a 2 minute break every 10 rounds that maybe can be skipped if everyone chooses like on spec ops on mw3. Just something that helps hardcore players get that little break.



Hope you guys liked our ideas and feel free to comment and message me, PEACE!!!