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Ok, I see a lot of ppl whining about campers so I though I'd attmempt to justify my reasons for camping. But 1st of all let me state that I'm not the type of camper that just camps in one place. I'm more like a sniper because I move to a different camping position after I get a kill or kills.


alright, so the the 1st reason is because I enjoy camping, I enjoy the test of patience.


2nd Reason: I love getting kills on unsuspecting players, especially getting multi kills of groups on enemies who have no idea that I am in their immediate proximity. The funniest thing is where I sneak up an a group of players who are hold up in a building and I kill them one by one withiout any of them suspecting a thing


3rd Reason: I get a laugh when somebody i just killed comes back looking for me in the spot that I was camping in when I  first killed them and then I kill them again from a different camping position, usually from a camping position opposite the previous camping position. This just makes me lol hard. On some occasions I have killed the same person 5 times in a row using this technique.


ok, so my best maps for camping are bakaara, seatown and lockdown