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How can you have a Win/loss

How can you have a Win/loss ratio when you get put in games at the very end when people dashboard?!?!?1 I am tired of going into a search and destroy to watch the final ******* kill cam. You guys should have a option to not be put in games that are half over at least. Fix this **** finally

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    Its simple. If you care that much about W/L then don't play alone. iI've come to notcie that if you play in a group of 3 or smaller that the game tend to send you into lobbies that have already started and are almost done. Group of 4-6 is your best option.


    Either that or become so good in lone wolf playing that you can single handedly win the game for your team.


    I have 2 accounts. My main GT which i always play with my crew which consist of 4 players at a W/L of 16.38 playing SnD and TDM. My second account is for when i want to lone wolf and just play by myself and my W/L for that playing solo is 3.96, and thats by using my L96 and 44. Magnum