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Double-Double XP... CONFIRMED!

While playing with some of my regulars last night we noticed that we started getting double XP.  We thought it might be a glitch or something but confirmed it with multiple lobbies... we had to do that because of the complete lack of communication/announcement from IW/Activision.


Anywho.... this was perfect timing as I was just about to prestige... so I did that and then decided to use my recently acquired token to see if "double-double" xp was up and running... it is!


I think I signed off at level 24 or something like that... the points were coming fast and furious playing DZ.  Normally I'd go to kill confirmed and run specialist to max out the point opportunity, but I was having a good time with my team and so we ran DZ for the rest of the night.


If you are on QUAD xp and want to score some big points?  Get a Recon Drone, especially on a small map.


I was begging the team to let me have em when they came..


Normally, it's 50 points per tag and you get 20 more when the tagged person is.... terminated.


Double xp gets that to 100/40.


QUAD xp gets that to 200/80! 


I had one Drone on Dome where I racked up 34... yes, count it... THIRTY FOUR tags/assists.   I just hovered high up in the middle of the map and rotated around.  HUGE xp that game!


I have about 20 minutes left on this coin... and I have three more tokens in the kitty... going to definitely get through another prestige before the double XP goes away.