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what the fudge?

i just got this game last wednesday and already i think this game is too simple...


1. campaign


good thing about campaign is that most of all the multiplayer weapons are in campaign mode, however the gameplay is too short!!!

im guessing 50% of it is the story and 50% of it is collecting the "intel". upon completing story mode, i still had 56% completion.WTF...im guessing 44% is the intel i have to collect


what does the intel do?


2. multiplayer


ive only played 10 hrs of multiplayer and there are issues where, unlocking gold camo is too fast.

i need 1 more lvl to unlock gold camo for scar-L...wow how enfast...the XP system for the weapons is uneven...from lvl 1-30, it was fast but from lvl 30-31 it takes forever to unlock gold camo...


overall this game is a pain when campers just lie down in the corner of a building for instance: resistance,

therefore i check every corner...





for all those people who cant get a killstreak, keep trying bcoz my 1st time playing, i died alot


good gaming

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    Yeah campaign is due to the silver & gold veteran trophies + survival trophies.

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      I think you have the wrong section because Wii doesn't have trophies.



          1. Yes the campaign is to short but sadly most people get the game for the multiplayer.


          2. You will get gold camo fast if you only use one gun but some people like me use many different guns. The only gun i almost have gold camo for is the PM-9 (UZI replacement) and i have 507 kills with it. The reason why they made lvl 30-31 forever is because to get gold camo you must be a master of that weapon. Also about the camping I have only ran into 5 campers and 4/5 got 5+ throwing knives shoved up their ***.

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    Yeah the campaign was short, I can't remember how long CoD4 and MW2 took to beat but this felt alot faster.


    First you say unlocking gold is too fast, then you say it takes too long to get to level 31.  I'm confused.  Perhaps they implemeted the uneven weapon leveling so that you don't have to wait forever to use the later attachments but if you want gold you have to put in serious time.


    If you use a variety of weapons you probably won't get gold on anything before level 80, I'm first prestige level 50-ish and I have several ARs and SMGs that are around level 15-20 but no gold.

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      Your on level 30, lol, you have no idea how far away that gold gun is yet, lol! Level 31 is like levels 1-30 combined


      And they make it quite easy to get coz by the time you get the required kills its time to prestige, then you lose your gold camo. You`ll only start seeing lots of gold after probably february when people are legit 10th,and then gold guns will become a worthwhile target.


      PS im never gona get gold , coz you cant get gold secondaries and thats all I use

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    You don't understand. The last level to unlock gold camo is a TOTAL PAIN IN THE BUTTCRACK! Plus, you have to try out all the weapons and get gold with all. Don't overuse a weapon like a scrub

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    Campaigns have ALWAYS been short... the only thing really annoying about them is INTEL >.<


    The last level is supposed to be LOONNNGGGG because it is the gold camo rank. If it was divided evenly, people would never get the last few attachments on weapons because it would take too long. Gold camo is more of a prestige thing than anything so its pretty much and "optional" level.

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    Does anyone else here play the campaign of CoDs BEFORE multiplayer?

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    "overall this game is a pain when campers just lie down in the corner of a building for instance: resistance,

    therefore i check every corner..."



    Didn't you ever here the words of Captain Price in the COD MW Campaigns?


    "Check Those CORNERS!"