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To the hacker who demoted me...

THANKYOU!!! No, seariously!! Thanks My stats are so much better now, my KDR is better then it has ever been!! I dont want this to sound like an open inventation to do it again (because it is still a pain in the butt and you made my feel bad hurt since I'm just an innocent chick player ) but, starting over really isnt that big of a deal, its just a game! I hope you'll get bored soon because I enjoy winning some and loosing a lot with my clan, we are one of the most honest clans on this game, have been for 2 years now and nothing is going to change that. I dont know what I did personally wrong to have been demoted but its all good. I needed a fresh start anyway! Happy Gamming!


Yours Truly,


Chillin' n' Killin'