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RaidCall Anyone?

Hey there.

been playing callofduty for ages now 4-6 years now and been looking for a good voice software to use, to play online!.

I found one, its called raidcall and our group is actually open now.

and we are looking for new gamers and people in general who like music and talking to come join us.

download raidcall here http://www.raidcall.com and our group is called Austrailan Way

Group ID: 4654141 < this is for raidcall

If you's wanna come in and join us just get involved


skype isnt as good, this is low latency and easier for group use. have you used it? also may i add that Raidcall can have over 100+ users online and talking without problems and groups to organise them into and there own areas along with HD audio live feed seriously look it up and see the benefits!


m not just saying this as a N00b or anything i actually play alot of game and found this too work better



Thanks for reading!