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A warning to all fellow forum users about account hopping


Thanks to sources i have i can tell you that the forums are being targeted. A whole bunch of these account hoppers wish to cause panic on the forums as well as youtube to bring more recognition to them. Please keep in mind this is directed at the common forum user and gamer as this will be common sense to all active users.


To those of you that do not know what the account hopper hack is.. The Account hopper hack allows hackers to obtain a code that allows them to sign onto your account and do what they see fit with it. Currently there is no legitimate counter to this hack.However, there are messures you can take to lessen the chances of getting hopped. Please be aware of the following.


Things to avoid on the forums/Youtube


Do not comply with any suspicious threads/videos asking for account info or in game names.


If someone wants your ally code, do not give it to them unless you can trust them. Be sure to exchanng all codes through personal messages.


Do not change your clan tags or name to anything that supposedly prevents account hopping.


Stay away from threads/videos about getting re-hacked to reset stats to normal (sorry to those who really mean.. just can't take the risk)


Avoid "new clan" threads/video as they may be a ploy to wrangle up new account hopper vitims.


Stay away from any threads promoting hacked game type lobbies such as Team Juggernaut or Drop Zone.


Chances are if something does not feel right then you should not trust it.


Things to avoid in game


Do not accept random freind requests, no matter how freindly the person may seem.


Do not take any invites from anyone unless you know the person can be trusted.


Remove any allies you do not know from your allies list.


If someone spams you a freind request remove it ASAP as hoppers can get on your account through allie requests.


If you run into any suspicious players or activities (such as a preditor missle) leave the game even if you don;t like leaveing. It's for the good of your profile. If you are the party leader be sure to select the take allies with you option.


If you enter a lobby with another player who has a changing name or a name that exceeds the character limit, back out.


Try to minimize your play time and stay out of popular hacking game modes (Kill Confirmed, Search and Destroy, Domination and Demolition).



Follow these steps and you should be safer. We can only hope the devs are working on a patch at this point.