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LAG compensation fix?!

Just take out any and all patches that had to do with the "fix" for say, two-three months back. The game ran smoothly... We should banish COD games for non-responsive needs to the change of our hard-earned games.

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    People hear about lag comp and the first things they start doing is throttling their nets (uploading / streaming crap) or messing with their network settings. It's these devs fault. If they want to improve it, make having a 4 bar an advantage above having a 3 bar and fluctuating between bars. Soon many would go back to their normal / optimal wired Internet speeds and settings & the game would be full with quality hosts, they could then tweak it back a little, but a big change is needed.


    This game is way too socialistic, next to the lag comp they even reward people for dying a few times in a row. Also a local ping lock for big game modes, I fail to see why I should host people 2000 miles or more away, when I'm in a populated area & I'm playing the biggest game modes..