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Any other problems to be fixed? Need your help guys.


Hey comrades, i have a question- what else do we need fixing in this heaping hacker mess called CoD Wii? I have a friend whose has good connections with the CoD Tech Support and he wants to help us if he can, so he wants to know issues. I already told him these-

Predator Missile Hack

"God" Mode Hack

Account Hopping Hack

Akimbo FMG's Nerf (dont count on this being fixed)

Redbox Hack

Infinite UAV Hack

Aimbot Hacks

Invisibility Hack

BE AWARE. This wont happen right away, so expect some time, or worse case, nothing will happen. But, at least we will have let known the CoD Devs know about the problems we go through.


I'm not trolling or lying about this, and if nothing happens down the road dont blame me.