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stop the account hopping losers.


especially the people using the code without gecko. do you realize how feeble and pathetic it makes you look? this is the height of your gaming career? its all you can amount too is copy and paste *******? you sound like straight no life *******.  switching your name constantly in a lobby doesn't look cool either just stupid. you aren't accomplishing ****. your just an annoying inconvenience. like a delay at an airport or a flat tire. you aren't doing permanent damage just making yourself look like  faggilishous squeakers and grown men with no kind of social life. its pretty annoying to get account hopped. .  using cheat like redbox and see through walls. that's pretty bad enough and i don't get how you have any sort of fun or challenge or satisfaction by making something extremely easy to play.  its stupid but at least people can still play. but messing with peoples accounts and deleting all their friends. thats just low and demeaning.  if it honestly makes you feel happy to do things like that to people on a video game. you really should try getting outside more. people cant even play a full game or sit in a lobby without one of you squeakers or grown ass butt-hurt men  ******* up someones account. i dont get why you act big and bad on the game. you DONT develop codes  or make mod menus. you know nothing about scripting,editing, lol you cant even javascript. yet on the wii you take credit for other peoples work.  stop trying to act tough. majority of you are basement dwelling antisocial losers either really ugly as ****, fat as ****, or Ethiopian skinny as ****. most of you dont have jobs, high school drops outs and you act like your hot **** on the wii. get the **** off your high horse copy and paste *******.



ill will be making a video and doing commentary later today.