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Whats your opinion on the DLC for MW3 so far?

Honestly there's only one map I like from all the DLC we got so far and its Overwatch besides that there was no other good map. In fact I hate the DLC so much I constantly disable it when looking for a match and I don't even attempt to play the elite play list just to try a new content drop. I haven't even played Oasis yet and I have only played Sanctuary and Foundation once I seriously wish I could get my money back.I don't understand how a company who made billions of this game can't even back it up with decent DLC. IW should seriously take a page from Treyarch I loved the B.O DLC I bought everyone and there are maybe 2-4 maps out of all of them that I hate but my favorite maps were from the DLC like Hazard and Stockpile. So honestly I would like to know your opinions on the DLC, do you like it? do you hate it? If so tell me why down below   .