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Please help: Best strategy for Domination Clan Ops on PS3?

After playing the Domination Clan Ops on PS3 last weekend for the first time, I'm looking for recommendations from the community regarding a successful strategy?  In other words, how do I stand the best chance of getting GOLD? 


It's simple on other Clan Ops game modes.  For instance, with something like TDM you simply kill as many people as possible just like you would when not playing TDM during Clan Ops.  If you're really good at TDM you stand a good chance at doing well during a Clan Ops TDM. 


On the flip side:  Domination is won by the team that can hold the flags for the longest period of time (in a nutshell) but the Clan Ops version of Domination is instead based on how many captures you can get...not how long the flag is held.  So if I normally play with a team that is VERY good at Domination and we can consistently hold 2 flags the entire game, it seems like we're at a disadvantage.  Suggestions?

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    Control B and go back and forth between A and C.


    If you run up on someone capping your flag, let him cap, then kill him and re-cap it.


    Triple Cap as much as possible. If you do triple cap, let them have a flag so you can re-cap it.


    Another thing you can do is have several members capping at once instead of just one.

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    Learn the points on the map. Set up practice private matches and learn which points are easiest to defend, which ones you want the other team to spawn at and how to harrass them without getting so close you force them to spawn near the points YOU want to keep.


    For full 6 man team you can have one or two defending each point, and the others intercepting the other team's attempts to cap, or they can rush and die trying to cap the other teams single point. Triple capping should only be done to draw them back to their point. If the other team makes a steady rush at your points, you will loose them due to lack of defence.

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    I disagree that letting someone cap your flag and then you recap it is boosting, explain why?

    If the enemy who is capping doesnt see me and i wait until he caps it and then kill him,that is not boosting.

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      If you see them capping your flag and you LET them take it for the sake of you being able to attempt to recapture (thereby increasing your number of captures for the Clan Ops), that's considered boosting. 


      Why is that boosting?  B/c you are cooperating with the other team member (ie: LETTING the enemy cap your flag when you should attempt to defend it).  In normal Domination (ie: not during Clan Ops), it's not in your best interest to watch the enemy cap your flag.  ...at least not if your goal is to win.


      So are you saying that you WOULD consider it boosting if the enemy saw you while you're waiting on him to capture the flag?  If so, who would be boosting? 

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    hold 2 flags and don't get greedy and they will come to you and it will be an easy win for you and your team.

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    Hold B and just continually swap A and C. Basically cap your spawn flag off the start and cap B. Push their spawn, flip it, take the flag while their taking your spawn flag and repeat the process. Letting the other team take flags is risky, this is the easiest way to guarantee constant caps while still getting a win and not bposting

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    The way my clan does it is we cap the A(or C if on the other spawn) flag when it starts and then cap B and then C(usually the other team has capped A by now) and then just keep doing that circle. We also let the enemy cap a flag before we kill them. It makes for funny taunting killcams I'm sure lol. But since the objective is caps and not how long you hold a flag, that's how we do it.

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    If they changed the op to most defends, it would be so much easier.

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    Absolutely no defending. If your team holds a flag NO player should be near that flag. If u work as a team running together and capping, you can get alot of caps this way. IF you want to win you have to disregard wins/losses. You will have to take loses throughout the night to teams you could have easily beaten outside the clan OPs. You can not play an OP that only tracks one stat the way you would a regular game and be overly successful.


    As for the suggestions about DOM OPs being switched to most defends I think thats a worse idea. Catering to the less skilled players and camping player in my opinion anyways. Games would be so slow and boring and most would last the entire time. It Would mostly be 4 or 5 guys on flags and 1 or 2 running trying to cap. I like how it rewards the aggressive players in the OPs and not those that sit back and KD whore.

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    Disagree about no defending. If my team has our base flag plus B,of course we will defend our flags.

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    There are 2 ways to do well in a Sticky Fingers Clan Op:


    The first way is to luck out and run into a low-life honorless boosting clan...N.B. you and your clanmates also have to be low-life honorless boosters. Then you simply gather round a flag and one team jumps on the flag, gets the cap in two seconds and quickly jumps off the flag while the other team takes the flag. Rinse and repeat for a massive amount of caps. Stick with the same gang of boosters for match after match and both clans are positively guaranteed a gold medal-and a clan ranking in at least the top 5-600 for the Op. This also has the advantage of not impacting your K/D, what with no pesky randoms and the attendant  noisy shooting and killing and dying and whatnot.


    Having 2 full parties of gold medal hungry-at-any-cost boosters avoids those embarrassing video records of your so heroic efforts and also those randoms who pop in and ruin the tranquility of your boosting session with the noisy shooting and killing and dying and whatnot. Take pride in your stunning achievement-3 boring hours of dancing back and forth, and tell yourself that your clan is better than those below you. One more thing, pray that none of those randoms, who dared intrude on your little booster hokie-pokie dance, recorded your session and forwarded it to those who don't share your lack of honor.


    The other way is actually a lot of fun. Get your clan together and set up some classes,perks and pointstreaks that will ensure a lot of caps.


    You'll want to have a mix of smoke grenades and trophy systems on hand, while your classes should carry extreme conditioning and blast shield in the first 2 slots.


    Subs, shotties and ARs are weapons of choice-speed is the key.


    Pointstreaks should be a mix of UAV, CUAV, Vests, Advanced UAVs and EMPs. Make sure you all have coms up.


    One player is the shot caller, he points your wrecking crew to a flag and you descend en masse. The first guys there engage defenders,provide intel and if they survive, they wait till most of the the clan arrives before a group cap. Kill anyone in your way, but don't chase them across the map, your goal is caps AS A TEAM, not upping your kills-other than feeding your pointstreaks, and the non-clan "defenders" are always out in force in a Sticky Fingers clan op-lol, so kills will take care of themselves. Soon the AUAV's and EMPs will start collecting and you sequentially spam the crap out of them-no air support, they're running blind and you have eyes on the enemies...I almost pity them..almost.


    Put your KDR and W/L on the back burner, run, kill and cap as a team and you WILL get Gold!


    Hold your heads up high as you EARN your gold through skill and teamwork. Revel in the fact that you didn't have to  resort to sleazy and dishonorable "agreements of convenience" like so many scrub clans out there(they mostly get silvers and bronzes in other types of clan ops...just a coincidence, I guess)


    This will also work with less than a full clan, but it depends on the randoms you're dealt. Party up with the ones who show the proper team spirit and have fun.


    One last thing, two videos on Youtube show some really skillful implementation of these tactics by two very talented clans, it's where I got my info from. Search for:

    MW3 - Clan Operations 2nd place Again!

    Mw3 Clan op Domination Uk nexus 6th place finish

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    total score is not a valid solution to boosting either.  I just reported an entire clan for boosting in multiple sticky fingers ops the entire party was getting scores of 8600 to 10000 each match with 0 to 5 kills because they would simply stand at the flag with the other team an take turns capping

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      Total score should be used as a red flag by IW/Activision to examine clans who manage to score extremely well with 0 or few deaths, especially when their stats show they are skilless scrubs otherwise.


      I got dropped in a "match" between boosting clans 2 weeks ago, I killed 4 before they told me to cool it, that they were boosting. I told them to Get F**ked and left. Unfortunately, there was no record in Theater since I backed out, but I found the player list in Recent Matches and reported them to IW and Activision. I checked all of their Recent Matches during the Op and it was obvious that they were boosting...the heat maps alone damn them. The last Sticky Fingers Op found them doing the same thing...I kept the names of all involved and Recent Matches told the same story. I've already found 3 other clans that boost for gold, just by checking who the original boosting clans played "against".


      Why is player provided video evidence the ONLY means to deal with these pukes? Surely the outrageous scores coupled with the IMPOSSIBLY low kills and deaths match after match could  trigger some kind of video dump of the matches in question...then a quick view of them will confirm what is already known and the banhammer is unleashed and honor is restored...all without an endless series of emails, tweets, pm's and phone calls.


      Why do the people who bought ELITE have to do the legwork instead of just enjoying it?

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    You just need to throw your kd out the window and give yourself all of the advantages possible (ie blast shield, ballistic vests, trophy system) and run around the map all day capping flags. So long as you're killing anything that gets in your way it's not considered boosting. However, a smart player will purposefully try and avoid the bulk of the enemy team (ie figure out their route without corrdinating with the other team) so that you spend less time in gun fights and more time capping flags. I often find that clans like to hold the B flag and if they do I just run back and forth from A to C.  They can camp B all day if they want. I'm playing for caps and I'm not going to waste my time with them. I usually average around 150 -160 caps. It hurts my pride when I take a grenade to the head that I could have avoided just to get that last second needed to cap the flag but often I find that my respawn puts me closer to the next flag that I need to cap. So in a way I get rewarded for taking one for the team.

    PS: Have a blind eye class ready because the flag campers will be calling in tons of air support.

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      We just run in circles, from A to B to C in a small tyte group and let the other side take the cap after we took it, then take it back. Don't worry about holding it if it is for as many caps as you can get.


      On the defending side, again let the other side almost take the cap then kill them. Control the game and they will follow like sheep Let them think they have a chance, don't spawn trap them or anything like that. If you give them a glimmer of hope they will try. We always get Gold in Clan Opps, unless some of us have to work