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What a Shocker   I.II,

Yes, what a shocker, it's a thread written by myself, Crafty.


I would like to say that I'm proud of this small OT community. I'm not hating on the newer guys but I'm talking about the older crew for sticking around and always bein there for a good time or put up a good arguement. I recently looked back on the BO and MW3 OT only to find an empty wasteland full of bland and very uninteresting material. Looking at the old OT with nothing there made me realize how great we are together. Many of you know that it is a small group of us who tend to stick around with each other and we moved from one OT to the next. I just got to say I really like how we are close like that. I don't just look at this section as a forum with bunch of randoms that I don't know and hope I get to read some kind of stimulating comment that may make me laugh or actually interest me. I look at all the people in our small group as good friends, I'm not just talking about VuVu but also about GRaS and some others members.


I just wanted to share that.