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    Okay Ghandi, I've got an idea, after you guys fix the connection and lag comp issues, we are going to test out the shotguns again, if they're still crap, can you consider a buff? Because when the connection's are better we can see the performance of the Shotguns even better. Good idea?....

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    We were all promised a buff to shotguns except the striker by Robert before he left.  This was never done.  The spas got weaker up close and stronger at range so it was "rebalanced" not buffed.  The usas and ksg got easier to level but are the same now at max level as they were upon release at max level.  Making something easier to level is not a buff.  The 1887 and aa12 are untouched.  We were promised things that were never delivered.


    Another funny thing.  The extended mags "glitch" "unintentionally" gave 50% more damage to all shotguns with the capability of equipping them.  How is it that only one (the striker) was even remotely overpowered?  A 50% damage increase over what shotguns were supposed to be and only one out of five weapons the glitch applies to gets out of balance?  Strange goings on...

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    After 7 months of hitmarkers and broken promises I am not willing to rely on network fixes to solve our problems.  And again if connections get better all of the weapons will perform better as well.

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    The AA12 also got nerfed by removing the Extended mags glitch....


    The shotguns were fine pre-patch except the Striker, removing the ext mags glitch from the Striker was the only thing neccessary. I want to like MW3 again, but it's hard with only 1 usable shotgun.....

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    Ghandi - I can't seem to get into any lobbies under 50ms for the last couple of days. This has  never happened to me since launch on the connection I'm using.


    The games are full of teleporting and skipping players, I even found myself put into a lobby where I was the only player up against a full team. My network's perfect and I don't want to use one of the fibre connections I have as I always default to host.


    I can ping LA from just north of London in 140ms, so that'll give you an idea of the line quality;






    Is this being caused by these issues you've recently said you're aware of?


    Xbox btw, all dlc enabled.

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    Which won't help the shotguns because the PP90 will kill faster than it can shoot!

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    Okay, go play with your kids.  That is more important that our "arguments" over a video game.  But when you get back we really need to talk.

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    G IH A IN ID II wrote:


    dedicatedserversplease wrote:


    G IH A IN ID II wrote:


    dedicatedserversplease wrote:


    The Javelin is getting a bit ridiculous in SnD.  The blast radius is insane and now there are 6 javelins being fired from each team  at the beginning of the round, you basically arent safe anywhere on the map at times.  The blast radius is larger than a predator missile which you have to earn which is ridiculous.  Also, launchers should have the same delay that explosives have for SnD.  Also the damn akimbo glitch where there are akimbo secondaries with silencers or whatever is ridiculous already.  How long....


    I havent posted in a long time because I find the efforts futile.  I mean we were discussing the music fix/lobby ticker being in the next title update back when IW was on Christmas break.  Thats 6 months ago and thats laughable at best. I posted what I feel about the javelin, but I am sure even if it were to get fixed, the timeframe would be outrageous. 


    I do have one question.  You guys have touted the hotfix ability.  Treyarch hotfixed so many things, I do not recall you guys ever using it.  I have recalled you guys giving excuses that you didnt want to use it in case a more prevalent issue occurred, but not once do I recall a fix from a hotfix. Use it for once, I for one dont believe you guys have the ability because this game was a copy and paste from MW2. 

    We have and continue to hot-fix any issue that does not require a TU to fix. Many, many issues have been addressed using this mechanism.


    I'll discuss the Javelin blast radius with the team on Tuesday. To what akimbo glitch do you refer?





    Thanks for the response.  The players are now using Akimbo secondaries with a silencer equipped.  So the MP9/FMG akimbo'd with a silencer as well. 


    One more thing, I have messaged bancandy and Banstache for 2 months straight regarding a guy on PS3.  He is number 1 for wins, his name is BTSsteindler.  This is what happens.  He is PS3 is on all day long.  If you get in his lobby and dont notice he is in there, he automatically gets host somehow.  The game goes to load, before it even gets to where you get to choose your weapon, the game ends.  Everyone gets a loss except for that guy.  He does this all day long and I constantly run into him. I dont know what BanCandy or BanStache do, but this guy still hasnt been dealt with and I do not lie when I say I have over 500 tweets to them regarding this guy.  Please deal with him. Dont just reset his stats, perma ban as this is outrageous and detrimental to the complete game experience.

    On point one are you referring to PS3 or Xbox? This sounds like a CaC edit attack or Elite custom class push attack. These issues should be fixed on Xbox. Until now we have not had this vulnerability on PS3.


    Regarding this player I'll talk with the online services team. I'm sure they're not intentionally ignoring your posts.





    Hi Ghandi,

        This is all occurring on PS3.  I was aware of the akimbo/silencer on Xbox, but in the past 2 weeks its all over PS3 as well now.  Thanks.

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    Hey man i'm on your side but the major issue that the dev's side step all the time is lag sync issues...


    I also get point blank barrel stuff on people no kill what the F*@# moments with shot guns but i don't think thats the issue and yes even when the enemy is running in straight line right at me and i ads and blast with a shottie i get a hit marker and just laugh how funny it is...



    Yup i know Ghandi is the go between for us and IW  and he's trying but he answers  questions that have no real  substance or meritt like Gun Balance  when syncing issues are the real culprit here.


    Hell Sync balance this isshhh of a game and i'm happy...

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    People for shot gun balance of aa-12 tell the devs to make my favorite shottie shoot at its intended speed while your at it..


    USAS-12 and make it FULLY AUTO like it says in its description and actually shoot faster than the striker that is SEMI auto but shoots faster  lol.


    To end the  whole game is seriously balanced wrong.....