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    i just hope they make it where if you are QSing it takes some time for them to pull out there secondary,i hate in MW3 they miss then go straight to secondary and kill me

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    Meh...don't do it and could care less.  I get more kills from idiots trying to quickscope me then the normal hard-scopers so let them keep on running around CQB with a god damn sniper.  I'll keep using my SMG and out gun them any day. 

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    sorry dude with no aim assist your screw...

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    hey guys! i'm back :\ (for those of you who remember)


    i agree and disagree with the aim assist abuse to some extent. its obvious it greatly helps a quickscoper short to short-medium range. i get annoyed when i watch the aim assist move the scope towards me and kill me, but at long range aim assist barely helps quickscopers. i'm sure theres a reason why most of the quickerscopers you see will have a negative score, or barely breaking even. so there isn't that MUCH to argue with when people quickscope from medium to longrange.


    i just took a quick look at my elite page and i have 1,289 kills with all of the snipers all together (but guess my sniper KD?) 1.025
    anyone looking at these numbers would conclude that quickscoping had gotten me a 1kd (snipers only!) but i (hardscope as many people would say) about 60% of the time, and trust me i DO get PLENTY of hate mail for using a sniper as it was intended to.
    i usually take me time with long ranges and if anyone surprises me then ill quickscope and switch to my secondaries  when i miss.


    so for me, quickscoping isn't OP as many of you state, or extreme aim assist abuse that takes no skill at all.
    and if anyone tries saying that i must suck HARD that i cant even abuse aim assist, i can gladly tell you that although im not the best or maybe not even in the "good" category, i'm an average player with 1.5kd~


    i should be able to abuse something that has been in the CoD franchise if im an average player right? since its so easy abuse..(guess not)

    im assuming that most of the dissapointed people are just dissapointed and annoyed by the quickscoping community, and i'm with you on that. i'm ashamed when i "hope"scope and theres another quickscoper in the lobby being immature, extremely annoying, (yelling hardscoper at the top of their 10 year old lungs)


    thats just my take on it..


    and no, im not one of those people who believe that quickscoping is just pressing l1 and r1 and waiting for a kill. i know you actually have to look through the scope for a while.

    sorry for my horrible grammar as its late, and i admit i have bad grammar

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    calling him a child? look at your grammer rofl.

  • 55. Re: NO Quick Scoping WTF

    you can't tell someone to look at their grammar and laugh, when you can't even spell the world. "grammer"





  • 56. Re: NO Quick Scoping WTF

    Yay quickscoping requires skill now

  • 57. Re: NO Quick Scoping WTF

    you sound like a little freakin' child. "PLEASE! THAT IS THE ONLY THING I DO!" really?! that's seriously the only fun thing you can find to do in Call of Duty? you're an idiot.

  • 58. Re: NO Quick Scoping WTF

    No quickscpoing in Black Ops II?


  • 59. Re: NO Quick Scoping WTF

    You are such a bk randy kid shutup. You pretty much just said get rid of half of the game. If you're reflexes aren't fast enough to be good then that is your own damn fault lol. Get better at the game bk. Don't try to take away from other players because you QQ

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