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Hardcore SnD Clan Battles? Schedule here!

My clan is interested in doing some competitve SnD battles with another clan. If you would like to schedule with us or with anyone else, apply below. State your clan name, your GT, how many total clan members (can be an estimate, or how many are likely to show up etc)



My Clan: CWBz (Crazy White Boyz, although this might change.)


GT: CWBz Buckeye


What's good about our clan? We play competitively, CLEAN, and strive for outstanding sportsmanship. Anyone interested?

Also post whether you are up for a 6v6, 5v5, 4v4 ,3v3, etc.



We want to make the games as exciting and fun as possible. So this means that I'll try to post the game on youtube, we encourage strategizing and practicing with your team, assigning positions to your team, and just making it a wonderful competitive series of events.







One more thing:

In your request/application, add whether or not you want the event to include a Championship game (Official Champions of Hardcore SnD etc: for fun





One more thing (lol I already said that^^), if we have multiple teams we can do a 4 team playoff/tournament, also with a very hyped Championship Game.



Thanks, and I'd love to see participation.