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Sleight of hand in Black ops.

     Got bored of MW3 and decided to play some Black Ops today, and noticed that sleight of hand in that game is also quickdraw. I was just curious as to why they split the perk into 2 perks for MW3? Any ideas?

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    Why dunno, I loved the blackops perk system. BO 2 rumour saying that your gonna have to choose between 2 pro perk options which is cool not everyone using the same varient. but I am with you brother it made sense slight of hand, quick draw...yeah sit rep and enemies make more noise thats pushing it dead silence would have been the better louder enemies, and sit rep would have delayed tripeed explosives IMO that makes more sense

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           What do you mean choose between 2 perk options exactly? But yeah, it would make sense to put quickdraw with sleight of hand. I mean, look at assassin. That perk gives you the most advantages out of all the perks in the game. Pretty much makes you invisible. So quickdraw and sleight of hand mixed in with eachother would be legit. I dont really care though, i was just wondering because i never noticed that the black ops sleight of hand also made you aim down the sights faster.