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Life's a Zoo - Level 15 Elite Clan *recruiting*

Console: XBOX 360

Elite Clan: Life's a Zoo (formerly Cappin Crunchers)

Level: 15

Members: 20

Hrs of XP: 2 avail

Youtube ch: CappinCrunchers (HD PVR soon)


*recruiting currently*


We have some friendly yet skilled members, we are Not try-hards, yet compete regularly.


I was tired of joining clans who are Not appreciative of my efforts in scheduling practices, recruiting, giving prizes, etc.


This clan was started to be more comfortable, no HUGE egos, and attitudes - we have silly/goofy personalities and joke as much as we play.

(I have 27 days played in MW3)


Last two clan operations top-performers received NEW copies of Duke Nukem - Forever. Past prizes included:

Halo Reach, MW2, LIVE subs & pts cards.




-U dont have to be Premium, but will be encouraged, and if not getting it, u must contribute and play regularly, practicing etc. still.

-U do have to have a sense-o-humor

-U do have to have a Mic (turtle beach prefered -or- equivalent)

-U do have to practice and compete regularly.


*females are definately prefered and made comfortable - we have some girl gamers*


Every1 gets a vote & say in how clan progresses...its "Our" clan.


If U are interested in havin fun, then u'll likely find more w/ us, then other take-2-serious politicing clans IMO.


Msg: Geckosaurus on XBOX LIVE to hang and chat & see if good fit 4 us all - TY 4 considering - Have fun! - Gecko