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How COD works on the Wii and in the Forums

     Here is how cod goes on the Wii,



Ok end of old game cooming to the end everyone says "OMG THIS GAME SUX MY LEFT NUT OMG WOW!!!!!" then we say "OMG I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW GAME ITS GONNNA BE SO MUCH BETTER!!!" Then the new game comes out. Week 1 : wow i love this game its sooooo much better." Week 2 "what the h3ll is this? lag shooting and bad host and glitches in the map treyrch fix NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!" Week 3 "omgzz yay we got a patch!!!" Month 1 "ok we need a patch." Month 2 it must be a big patch so it makes sense." Month 3 WHERE THE FACK IS THAT PATCH!!! IM CALLING TREYARCH" Month 4 "ok i give up" Month 5 "omg wii admin logged in*stalk* some week later YAY PATCH!!!!" Month 6 thats when treyarch stops giving a fvck about us then foxhound has gotta come in and say *sarcasm incomming* --> oh well uhh they do care about you i'll just go tell them that theres some problems *doesn't do $hit goes on with his fanboy ways* just so he can get paid like a slave he is.


     I see this as the annual routine in the Wii community for cod and if you dissagree idgaf.