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Keep on keepin' on!

I just want to say that I am a big Spider-Man fan, about as big as one can be without letting the passion run rampant. I played and loved Shatted Dimensions, forgiving its technical hang-ups for a decent story, incredible gameplay and the writing / VA was amazing/spectacular/sensational! BTW, big NPH fan too.


I just started EoT and I feel guilty for waiting this long. I let a lot of bad reviews guide my hand even though I personally feel like reviewers havent quite figured out how to do their job right. FTR, I did buy this game first week it was out, (didnt preorder...), and gave it to my sig. other to give to me for christmas. The reason i think that is relevant is because she is my best friend and we want to give eachother gifts that mean something. I play video games and love spider-man.


OK, the main reason i wanted to post something was to let the developers know that I think they are doing a great job with this IP. I havent gotten too far into edge of time, but its good so far and it reminds me of shattered dimensions which I loved! We went to visit a friend in San Antonio while I was in the middle of playing, so I ended up spending a lot of time in front of their tv, having brought my 360. Again, Im not that guy. But your game made me that way.

I feel bad after reading alot of reviews that compared both titles unfairly to other games and ended up poopooing on the score. I dont hang out with alot of gamers or comic fans so I dont know if the actual players feel this way, but I know I enjoy your games and hope that you keep on keepin' on. Make more, I will buy.


One suggestion- is it possible to see a collectors edition of a future title? You see a lot of them with other games. Art books, figures, more alt costumes, soundtrack, maybe a spidey mem stick preloaded with simple yet neat goodies! Imagine if you got an exclusive deal with Marvel to make a figurine or, statutte! How awesome would that have been for Shattered Dimension?? The four Spideys standing in a circle, back to back to back, or just lined up? Or maybe a grab bag four one of four. I dunno.


Bottom line, I like your games. Make more, please. And if there is anything else I can buy to help support, let me know. I may not wear footsie pajamas or Parkour on the way to work or whatever, but I got a few posters...?