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What's up! RIPGhostnRoach back once more to give you another, "BEST CLASS ON MW3, PERIOD!" As always, there are no substatutions.


Alright I'm bringing you the SMG Support Loadout. Meant for Medium to Short Range Maps, this class is the best in Supporting your team and accommodating everyone with everything you need to survive CQC. Good for any game mode. Let's do this,


Primary- MP7, Focus, Silencer

Secondary- Five Seven, Akimbo

Lethal- Bouncing Betty

Tactical- Flashbangs


Perk 1- Recon Pro

Perk 2- Assassin Pro

Perk 3- Sit. Rep. Pro


Deathstreak- Martyrdom


Strike Package- Support

12 kills- Advance UAV

14 kills- Stealth Bomber

18 kills- Recon Juggernaut


So, this Class is the best in team support. This allows you to have the drop on the enemy, while denying any operatunity of them having the drop on you and your team.


The MP7 is simply the best weapon for CQC in this fashion of team based game modes and heavy support. With vertually no recoil and an upwards profile, providing you greater chances of getting headshots, this weapon doesn't ever need Kick as it's Proficiency. In CQC wanting to stay on target is key to survival and in gaining your strike chain. The Silencer keeps you hidden due to naturally, on smaller maps, coming up as a red dot in an enemies mini-map more often.


Secondaries are very important in CQC. Five Seven's Akimbo'd provides you the best in stopping power and ammo capacity. Due to not using Sleight of Hand, Pistols take not nearly as much time to unholster then Machine Pistols.


A Bouncing Betty is extremely deadly on Medium to Small Range maps. They create a lethal area in 360 degrees and will go off and kill in all directions. The smaller the Map the higher the chance it is that a tango will come into contact with your Betty. Even if said enemy escapes death but is damaged by your deployed Betty, Recon takes effect.


Flashbangs are key in this class because of the Perk Recon. Explotions from these cause hit markers that make all enemies effected to show up on your, and your teammates, mini-map as the Blackbird did on Black Ops. but for a shorter amount of time (even shorter if respected enemy is using Dead Silence). This is extremely powerful as the enemy more then luckily has no idea they are being pinged unless they are killed by you and views the kill cam in which they will see what Perks your using. Pro'd makes enemies show up after being shot. Something that some may not know is that Flashbangs are better then Stun Grenades when using it with Recon. A Stun Grenade has to bounce on the ground once, in short distance, and come in contact with a flat surface, at extreme distances, in order to go off. This can be used very strategically but Flashbangs explode in the air and have a larger AoE (Area of Effect). Called an "Air Burst," when this happens the explosion creates a "spherical effect." This allows you to throw a Flashbangs into the air and allow it to air burst and grant you hit markers on enemies around cover that you would have more then likely missed if said Flashbang exploded on the floor or, otherwise, not in the air.


Perks, my favorite:


Recon Pro. YES!


Assassin Pro for the fact of the small Maps you would use this Loadout on. You have more of a chance of being seen on a small map if the enemies deploy a UAV then compared to larger maps.


And lastly, Sit. Rep. Pro due to having a greater chance of seeing enemy traps and hearing enemy movement loader more often on smaller maps then on lager maps.


The reason why I use Martyrdom is due to Recon. Chance are that an enemy will be alarmed at a live Grenade falling off your person and run to escape certain death. However, on a smaller map, the chances are good your live Grenade will at least get a hit marker on said enemy. This allows Recon to take effect.


Alright! The Support Shrike Chain in this Loadout is pretty much the best out of all the Killstreaks under the list of Support.


In 12 kills you'll get the AUAV, right. Save it until,


In 14 kills you get the Stealth Bomber. Now this Killstreak is better on smaller maps, in my opinion, due to the smaller area in which the explosives will have an effect. The larger the map the more space in which enemies can get out of the path. On smaller maps the enemy has only so much space on which to dodge. Furthermore, the Steath Bomber's payload is dropped quicker compared to larger maps due to the "spawn" of the Stealth Bomber itself. Activating the AUAV after being granted the Stealth Bomber is key in getting an accurate place of your Bomber's payload.

If you are able to pull of a Multi-kill, which has a greater chance to happen more often on smaller maps then larger ones, grants you,


The Recon Juggernaut at 18 kills. Extreme bullet and explosive resistance, Riot Shield, USP .45, Scavenger, a Smoke Grenade, and a pulse which works similar to a Portable Radar. This Killstreak is best on smaller maps, and I dear anyone to prove me wrong. The reason is due to three things: the Juggernaut's mobility, weapons, and radial distance in which the pulse travels. All these prove that this Juggarnaut is best on small maps.


Yea. When I say no subs. that's what I mean. Hit me back with what you think but, please, please, please, read all I have posted and understand all key points. Resent comments have proven to me that this is being missed, with answers on "why" within the discussion. Play fair but create classes that are not fair. Like mine :-)