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MW3 SUCKS Add EnConV_ to see my vault and how bad it is

I CAN NOT STAND MW3 anymore just the constant bs all the time i mean from the commando to i put half clip into the head and they put 3bullets tops to my foot and i die or the throwing kives curvering 5feet and hitting me in infected so annoying. Hit detection is so terrible ill be shooting at guy and he will kill me after i shoot him FIRST and he will kill me . .There will be a guy not even looking at me ill unload into him full clip hit marker after hitmarker and he will LEGIT turn and 3bullets max into my foot or leg and kill me SO frusterating. i Hate this game so much im sorry to all the FANBOYS out there but MW3 is BS... black ops and mw2 and cod4 were 10000x's better. ONE more thing is that when i kife sombody i actually hit them but when ppl kife me it is totally kifing the wrong way.


Come on leave a Comment... When i see that theres no comments i know that every1 agrees with me