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    Make a solo leader board so on the night's you can only find 12 year olds online. Also don't force us to play with 4 people to complete the easter eggs. Most nights its impossible to find 3 other people thats actually willing to work together regardless of their skill sets. It would also be nice if we could take a vote on booting other players during a game.  It sucks when a good game is ended because another player is sick of tolerating some jerk that has diarrhea of the mouth. Other than that keep em coming. I'm excited to see how far they raise the bar this time!

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    That could be really cool but probably to much to expect from this generation of consoles.

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    Not sure if anyone has thought of this (an awful lot of posts to read through ) but i see quite a few posts where people stack up points and have nothing to spend them on, also a few posts where they want the songs on the maps to be repeatable so here is an idea



    A simple Jukebox that is placed in every map where you can spend lets say 1000 points and it plays a random song they could also have various hidden discs/vinyls dotted around maps that you can pick up and add it to the Jukebox playlist (similar to collecting the film reels in Kino)

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    Theme park Map!!!

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    that would be really cool... i really hope they make sum like that

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    2 new perks


    Supplier: It increases the amount of ammo you hold by 2 times and lets you hold 1 more special grenade.


    Camoflauge: It makes the person or people who have it the last ones targeted by zombies. Would make easter eggs much easier, help out weaker players, and help reviving teammates.


    A new special gun


    After the Call of the Dead easter egg I wondered if maybe they could give players a new awesome gun for acheivements. The gun would be the deathray. It mixes together the ray gun and flamethrower. It shoots a constant lazer that is extremely powerful but when using it it loses charge. And like the flamethrower cooling down, it has to recharge. And as it loses charge it loses power.




    They need to include random attachments with random weapons. They can be good or bad like a infrared scope or an extended mag.


    Some map ideas


    I really like the white house idea but Five already kind of covered that with the Pentagon. What I would like to see is a map with a lot of open areas like a farm. Another idea that might not be as good but is definitely unique is a map on ice where you can slide around. I also might like a level on a deserted island or something. My favorite idea that I actually came up with was one in the Empire State Building where you can take the elevator up and down many many floors. A vertical level.

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    The only thing they need, is more maps. I have owned every zombies map in existance. I have owned all the world at war maps, and all the black ops maps. I have resarched into the storyline, and read all the theories. The most fun part about any map, and veterans will agree with me, is playing the map for the first time. Sure you may not know what to do, but thats the fun part of it. Walking around aimlessly for the first time in a map is the most fun I have. Devising strategies and finding out what everything does in the map is just plain fun. The ideas and stuff they come up with for zombies is just outstanding. I have never seen this amount of creativity in maps in any video game before. Every map they come out with new ideas and in the maps following those they expand on those ideas. Just the gameplay mechanics they come out with are astonishing. From mine cart rides, to magic teleporters, the features they explore and test out with every map to the genre are just, well, wonderful. Thats the thing I look forward to in black ops 2 zombies, is new ideas, fresh new features. New weapons, traps, ideas, heck, even new perks. Whatever they have under there sleeves at treyarch, I am excited for whatever it is.

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    Maybe not perks, more like supply crates you can put on the floors, and they already have random attachments for weapons, well peudorandom.

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    The supply crates are a really good idea, but I was thinking you that you could call in a supply crate for attatchments and ammo in the bag. Maybe have like a small phone booth on the wall to call in a random box of attatchments, ammo, and special grenades.


    Also having a "call in system", which would be where you can call in a predator missle or a quadrapod to kill zombies or your own placed sentry guns so you can hold off your own area. You don't need the idea of being completely alone because of course you'll die eventually. In survival mode they just can't get to you but they supply you with guns/armor/perks/airstrikes etc. which gives you a wide variety of options to help you survive but you're not accessed to certain things until you reach a certain level. So, instead of reaching a certain level, you have to purchase those supplies through points and must be purchased with a reasonable amount of money. Unlike survival mode, they just stop around a wall and shoot you. instead they just keep coming regardless of what you're doing and won't quit but if you combine the concept of survival and zombies, you get the basic idea of the game which will equilize the idea of both of those game types.


    Its just not the zombie idea that's fun - its the fact of moving up a chain of upgrades and surprises. You don't want your gamers to get bored until the next map pack. That makes you lose the attention span of gamers today. We are a high maintence crowd - you need to keep your attention on us like a small child. You need to give us a variety of toys to play with so we don't get bored and decide to move onto glitches and small things to entertain us instead.

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    I don't want it to be like survival, I mean its fun and all but zombies takes the cake. Maybe of like traps or something.. OH WAIT! A random perk box, as well as the weapon box.

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